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April 8, 2012

Fred Couples


Q.  Today was a sad day but after all you finished well.
FRED COUPLES:  Yeah, I mean, it was a fun day.  I actually played okay and shot even par.  I felt like the course is toughening up.  There were some great scores earlier in the day and people think because they shot that, the guys towards the end are going to shoot 7 and 8 under.  But the greens got very, very hard and extremely fast.  I shot even par.
I don't know where I'm going to finish, but yesterday killed me.  I was very tentative on the greens and didn't putt well, but I hit the ball okay.  So for me it's sad to finish.  I'd like to have another round.  But come back next year again.

Q.  (Inaudible) is from Canada.  We'll see you with the Champions pretty soon?
FRED COUPLES:  Yeah, pretty soon at Richelieu.  I played there a long time ago.  I played there so I'm excited about that.  We'll see you soon.

Q.  We'll treat you well will?
FRED COUPLES:  I know you will.  Mr. Corey knows nothing but that.

Q.  A question on Bubba.  I don't know how much you've played with Bubba.  Have you?
FRED COUPLES:  A little bit, not much.  No, I just wanted him drive it on 13 up over the trees.  It looks like he's got an 8 iron left, which is nice.  I don't even know how he stands.  What is he?

Q.  Two back, I believe.  Two back.
FRED COUPLES:  So he bogeyed 11 or 12.

Q.  He birdied 12.
FRED COUPLES:  No, he bogeyed it.

Q.  Did he?
FRED COUPLES:  Yeah, I think ‑‑

Q.  Did you sense his creativity?
FRED COUPLES:  Yeah, he's got a great game.  He's got a great swing because he's perfect at impact.  I mean Johnny Miller used to move his feet all over too, and he was probably the best ball striker ever.  So Bubba hits ‑‑ it was funny when Jay Haas and I were watching at the Presidents Cup because as soon as he hit, we'd go oh, my God, and then the ball would start to hook 20 yards with an 8 iron.  So by the end of the week, we had it all figured out.
I like the way he plays.  He's so strong.  You know, he can overpower any course and this would be one.  He might win today, but ‑‑ it all sounds easy.  He's got a great putting (inaudible)

Q.  Do you think he can handle his nerves?
FRED COUPLES:  I tried to when I was 35 years old.  I think the hardest thing is that ‑‑ he'll be here every year.  He'll be doing well every year.  All it takes is that one year.
Obviously I'm disappointed because I would have liked to win another one and had great chances.  Once you get one, you really can settle down.  Your nerves keep you from doing that.  He plays well in a lot of majors because he's so freaking long.  Sometimes you have to keep make those 4 and 5 footers.  We all struggle with that.  When your game is not based on making every single 4 footer, you feel a little more pressure when you have one.

Q.  It really tests your patience?
FRED COUPLES:  Yeah, it tests your patience.  It tests your stroke because every little shot is important.  I mean, you get a little shot, you maybe over think those things.  I'm just speaking on myself.

Q.  Bubba was on your Presidents Cup‑‑

Q.  He's been admittedly all over the place?
FRED COUPLES:  That's his form.  That's the way he is.  He's not all of a sudden going to calm down.  He likes to pound it.  He likes to ‑‑ he's jumpy.  He's a very good player.  We're going to find out.

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