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April 8, 2012

Adam Scott


Q.  Can you talk us through 16?
ADAM SCOTT:  It was just a 7 iron, little 7 iron, and I hit a nice shot so it went in.

Q.  That green is new, Adam, did you notice through the four days the differences to it?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, I was really particularly paying attention to that break on the tee shot earlier in the week.  There is a slight difference, a little to the left of there maybe, and certainly a little more friendly with some pin spots to what we're used to seeing.  That one seems to be playing very similar.

Q.  Did you like the hole location yesterday or Friday down front?
ADAM SCOTT:  I do like that new location down front in the very front of the green.  I think it's probably the only hole location that brings the water into play.  So you know, it's an easy one if you hit a good shot, but it's a real field separator because it's a 5 or 2.

Q.  You mentioned yesterday that you were hoping to back door a top 10.  It looks like you may have done that.  Finally a really good round.  You put it together today?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, yeah, it was a bit of luck in there for sure.  I was playing well, but it's just ‑‑ it's such a hard golf course to ‑‑ it's not easy just to put it all together because one hole is so crucial.  There were some tough pin spots out there today and the greens were definitely firm and fast, so fast today.  Look, I'm really happy to leave having my best round ever at Augusta, but a little disappointed that I couldn't put it together earlier in the week.

Q.  This lasted longer than your time at 16.  When was the last time you had an ace?
ADAM SCOTT:  I had one a couple of years ago at the Pebble Beach tournament.  I think that was the last time I had one.

Q.  Regular folks know what it does for them.  I guess they have to buy drinks for everybody.  What do you guys have to do when you hit an ace?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, not too many drinkers out here so it will be a cheap shop, right.

Q.  Are you liking this place a lot more right now?  You did so great last year.  Is this your favorite?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I think 2010, I played the course so well tee to green and I was just horrible on the greens.
Last year I was really great on the greens, played well around it again, and I really feel comfortable coming out here.  I feel like I have these kinds of rounds in me.  This week I didn't have a good pace on the greens; therefore, I hit a lot of good putts, I felt, that didn't go in.  And then hit a few bad ones.  That's costly at the end of the week because I think about my 3 putts and stuff.  Then you look and I'm not that far behind what's leading at the moment, and I could be right there.  That's the positive.  I've got to make that a positive and I've got to just figure out how to get out of the gate better on Thursday and not have to work so hard to get it back in the tournament.

Q.  How do you not live with regrets?  Is that just part of the MO of a professional golfer?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, if you are living with regrets then you are going to really struggle out here.  You have just got to somehow take it for what it is.  And for me now, I just have to work a bit harder.  I think that's the only answer.  I feel like I'm doing all the right things.  It just didn't happen this week.  You have got to make it happen somehow.  I think I have just got to work a bit harder and be a bit tougher on myself as I tee off Thursday.  If it's one or two of those up‑and‑downs out of a bunker, I think back on the 4th and 5th holes on Thursday, I mean, the momentum on that is so huge.  You have got to be really tough for 7 in two holes.

Q.  Did you hear the roars when Bo Van Pelt made the ace?
ADAM SCOTT:  I did.  Yeah, that was early in my round, I think.  I heard that and I heard Louis.

Q.  Louis, you heard that?
ADAM SCOTT:  That was huge.  That was enormous, how cool.

Q.  What were the roars like for you?
ADAM SCOTT:  It was loud.  It was massive down there.  It was like last year.  I mean, I hit a shot that was feeding down last year and just missed.  I would have liked to switch them.

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