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April 8, 2012

Kevin Na


Q.  (Inaudible) finish and get back here next year?
KEVIN NA:  Yeah, that's my goal coming into this week.  I figured a 68 would do it to turn it around, and I had about a 20‑footer on the last hole and really happy to see that go in.  I think that might have just secured it.

Q.  How does that make you feel, though, not having to worry about that?
KEVIN NA:  It's a great feeling.  Like I said, that was my goal coming into this week.  I can ‑‑ hopefully it stays good enough to be top 16 so I can come back.
Every time you come here, it's special.  And you are doing something right when you are coming to the Masters.

Q.  How about your round today?
KEVIN NA:  Like I said, 68 was my goal, and I shot my goal.  I felt great about my round.  I hit it well, putted well.  I did everything well.

Q.  What about the entire tournament?  What do you think might have held you back a little bit?
KEVIN NA:  I think it was the second day.  I didn't get my sleep overnight and I came out, I wasn't feeling myself.  I hit it really poorly and shot 75.  That's probably the bad day I had of the four days.

Q.  You stopped feeling well?
KEVIN NA:  Yeah.  I only slept four or five hours.  It's not good when you sleep four or five hours and try to play a major.

Q.  What was the reason?
KEVIN NA:  I don't know.

Q.  No noise or something keeping you up?
KEVIN NA:  No, no, no.

Q.  No nerves?
KEVIN NA:  No.  Only Friday.

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