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April 7, 2012

Hunter Mahan


Q.  Talk about your day out there.
HUNTER MAHAN:  I thought there was some accessible pins, especially 11 is pretty wide open right now.  There's some pins you've just got to play away from.  That's not a green‑light pin.  You've got to stay away.  Like on 10, you can't get fancy there; you've got to hit it left and give yourself a putt.  On 1 the pin is back right; even though it looks like you can scoot it up there, it's not accessible; just hit it short and make your pars.
I thought we did a good job of playing smart and just taking par when it's there.  But we played the par‑5s well, and if you play the par‑5s well here you've got a chance.

Q.  How do you explain your low score today?
HUNTER MAHAN:  I'm making some putts.  Ball‑striking can only take you so far.  Golf so‑‑ to win tournaments, to be a major champion you've got to do everything right and you've got to very well.  Maybe not perfect; you don't have to be the best chipper or driver or iron, you've just got to do it well because you're going to have those moments where you're going to need to hit a big chip or make a good putt or hit a good drive.  You don't have to be perfect but just good enough.

Q.  Are you as close as you've ever been to being ready to win a major?
HUNTER MAHAN:  I think so, yeah.  I believe so.  I believe that mentally and physically I have the maturity to go out there tomorrow and play well.

Q.  Talk about the round, how you got yourself right back in this tournament.
HUNTER MAHAN:  Yeah, played solid.  I played‑‑ I felt like we were very much in it at even par, it was just going to take a good round.  I made a nice birdie on 2, I made a nice birdie on 5.  Hit a really good shot in there, just kind of a silly bogey at 7.  But like I said, played the par‑5s well, made a nice up‑and‑down on 9 that kind of kept the round going, kind of kept my momentum going.
But like I said, I think we played very smart today.  We didn't really try to be aggressive when it wasn't there.

Q.  You've won in big spots.  What do you expect from yourself tomorrow?
HUNTER MAHAN:  The only thing I want to do tomorrow is just be very, very much in the moment and stay in it all day long and just play as close to one shot at a time as I can and try to take as much time out there to enjoy it, because it's pretty special.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
HUNTER MAHAN:  I totally agree, especially in a major, because it's amped up.  It's amped up a little more, and you feel it.  You feel it every foot, every footstep.  Try to enjoy it and just relax and just play golf because hopefully you'll wake up tomorrow and start again and try to practice and try to win the next tournament.  This isn't my last tournament, so hopefully it's not my last Masters.  So I just want to try to keep playing.
Like I said, this is a great position to be in.  There's nothing to be nervous about right now.

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