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April 6, 2012

Henrik Stenson


Q.  What did you hit into 1 today?

Q.  What was the number?
HENRICK STENSON:  Number to the pin?  That's a good one.  177, I think.

Q.  Did you hit 3 wood?
HENRICK STENSON:  Yeah, 3 wood.

Q.  How many drivers did you hit today?
HENRICK STENSON:  Two, I think.  8 and 15.

Q.  With everything that happened to you, 2 under is not out of it by any stretch of the imagination.  You are still right there?
HENRICK STENSON:  I'm pretty pleased.  First of all, woke up and didn't feel great last night.  Had a bit of a sore throat and achy body and a little bit of a fever, so I wasn't sure what to expect later on.  But I actually felt better when I woke up.  I stayed in bed until ten o'clock this morning.  I've probably got more vitamin C in me than an orange factory or something.  I'm trying to recover.  I was pretty pleased with how the body felt.
Just try to stay patient, did well on the front nine and then a couple of mistakes on the back nine.  Obviously feels bad to drop two on 17, but with making a birdie on the last and I have seen most of the guys on the leaderboard, at best they managed to par or drop shots coming up 18.

Q.  I'm sorry to ask you, what happened on 17 briefly?
HENRICK STENSON:  I hit it a bit dry, hit it and went farther down in the trees.  But I took my medicine and chipped out, and then hit a wedge left.  Came up a little bit left on that one and it just left me a tricky putt.  Had a good first putt, but it just (inaudible) and then pulled the next one, so it was really ‑‑ it shouldn't have been more than a bogey, but that short putt missed there, you know, was just a clumsy one, really.

Q.  But at this point you're only three behind tournament weekend?
HENRICK STENSON:  Yeah, yeah.  I mean, that's fine.  I'm going in there and I've taken more and more hits than most guys so far.  If I can still stand up and keep going after that, I think I'm going to be stronger.

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