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May 29, 2003

Martin Brodeur

Patrik Elias

Scott Stevens


Q. Marty, could you have hoped for a better situation, a better night from your team? It was almost a carbon copy of the first game.

MARTIN BRODEUR: It was. I think the guys in front of me played as good as Game 1. I think it's important to continue doing that if we want to be successful. Definitely you got to give a lot of credit to the guys. I think these guys came a little stronger in the first period than they did in Game 1. I think we've discouraged them a lot by playing solid D.

Q. Scott, what's been the key to shutting down Paul Kariya?

SCOTT STEVENS: Being aware where they are. We had a good challenge against Ottawa and it prepared us for this team, Kariya is crafty. Just focus on the job and try to give them nothing out there.

Q. Marty, you're piling up the records in these playoffs tying Hasek and becoming the first goalie to have back-to-back shutouts to start the playoffs. What does that mean?

MARTIN BRODEUR: We're winning. That's what's important. It's all nice and definitely when I look back and see these things when I'm retired, it will be really nice. Right now I can't get caught up in that. We want to move forward and try to forget these two games have been great for us. All 25 of us are going to war in Anaheim.

Q. Just as a follow-up, you had 16 shots tonight, you didn't have as many shots to last night. Is it harder?

MARTIN BRODEUR: The games are pretty tight. We're not blowing them out of the water. It keeps me in the game all the time. It keeps you focused, because you know that shot that you allow or goal you let go through could be a big difference in the series. Like I said after Game 1, I think we got a good lead, 3-0. We didn't want to give them any momentum, any kind of confidence by them dominating the last part of the game because we were up 3-0. I think we did a great job staying focused and playing well defensively.

Q. Scott, have these first two games been your best stretch you guys have executed defensively this season?

SCOTT STEVENS: I think we have done a great job limiting their chances and keeping it outside and not giving them a lot in the rush. What we do give them, Marty's there to make the save. I think any time you keep a team under 20 shots, you're doing a good job defensively.

Q. Can you talk about the second period where you scored two goals and held them to 2 shots?

SCOTT STEVENS: I think the first period was pretty even. We didn't play as well as we had like to. We thought we had to pick it up in the second. We did. We got the lead so that was important that second period like it was in the first game.

Q. Marty, when you hear you're the first goaltender in 51 years to start the Stanley Cup with back-to-back shutouts, how do you respond to that. What do you think of that?

MARTIN BRODEUR: It's great. It's kind of hard for me to realize it. We're here on a mission to try to be successful in these playoffs and definitely, I've got to give a lot of credit in the way the guys played in front of me. I think any kind of shutout you make, it's really because of the team in front of you. You can't do everything by yourself. Definitely these guys, that's as good a defensive game they've played. You've got to be really excited about being able to start the series with confidence.

Q. What's it feel like to see two shots in the period, is it lonely?

MARTIN BRODEUR: That one was tough a little bit. It is. They got a great chance on a bouncing puck late in the second. I was able to make the save and the puck stayed between my legs by the goal line. That's what it is. You don't get many shots. Sometimes you have to come up with a big save. I think definitely late in the second it could have been different if that one goes on. You have got to stay focused. It's not easy. You can't pick and choose what they're going to do to you. You've got to try to work with what's in front of you.

Q. Marty, do you look at it like you won the two games and, maybe the third game becomes pivotal to see how the series --

MARTIN BRODEUR: Definitely. We have pretty good momentum. We know we're going to a place that never has seen Stanley Cup Finals before. It will be awesome. These guys are going to be excited to try to forget this trip to New Jersey and get on the board in the first game and put pressure on us. It will be a big challenge for us to play really well in the game 3.

Q. Scott, what does it feel like to be in 220 playoff games?

SCOTT STEVENS: I got thrown out of my first playoff game. I guess I've come along ways. It's special passing Larry, who is a great friend of mine and taught me a lot. I guess it's kind of special that way. Like Marty, as I said, I think you look back on these things when you're done and retired. Right now the focus is on different things. One day you can sit back and talk about those accomplishments.

Q. Scott, when you see Giguere or any goaltender get visually frustrated after letting a couple goals in, does that, in your mind, tell you, we've got this guy, for that game only, perhaps, but when you see that frustration --

SCOTT STEVENS: I think it says our forwards are doing a good job because they're getting in front of them. I don't care how good you are, if you don't see the puck, it's hard to stop. Grant Marshall going to the net, Brian Gionta, those two goals were as a result of guys going to the net and making it difficult to see the puck. We've got to keep doing those things.

Q. Scott, could you tell us between Jeff Friesen and Oleg Tverdovsky, you're getting huge games from two guys who used to play with Anaheim. How much of an effect does that have?

SCOTT STEVENS: Jeff has played well through the playoffs and Oleg's stepped in. He's always ready to play. He got the puck through a couple times tonight, made some good plays, and it's nice. I think any time you've gone from one team to another, you want to play your best hockey against your old team, and I think Jeff is showing that right now and so is Oleg.

Q. Patrik, I know your output hasn't been what you want it to be throughout these playoffs, but that goal had to have felt good tonight?

PATRIK ELIAS: It did. Getting opportunities, I could have gotten a couple more tonight, we're playing well as a line, and you can see that Marshall's got a lot of confidence and he's making great plays.

Q. Open question: After Tuesday everyone was saying that there was ten minutes at the end when you started playing defensive hockey. Do you think after this game it was more of a total effort, a 60-minute game?

SCOTT STEVENS: I think so. I think sometimes that's a direct result of the other team pressing in their D, so that makes it a little tougher on everybody, but I thought tonight we did a better job in that area than we did in the first game.

Q. Patrik, can you talk about your goal?

PATRIK ELIAS: On the powerplay Gomez did great job by protecting the puck on the board and battling for it. I got a puck to Oleg and he got a shot through and a great job by Marshall and a lucky bounce popped right on my stick and I had a pretty easy put-in.

Q. Scott, in the first two games, you guys are a veteran team, you have been here before, and a lot of guys that have won rings, do you think that's an average, the experience of getting to the Finals and winning cups?

SCOTT STEVENS: Maybe, but I think they've gained a lot of experience by the teams they've beaten. You wouldn't think they would be intimidated by that. There is obviously a lot more people, press and family around in the Finals, but they've gone through a lot already, but I guess this is the first time they have been down, and we realize that, that they've won two games, the first two games in every series. It was important for us to come here and play well.

Q. Scott, did you notice a major change in Anaheim's looks in Game 1 until tonight?

SCOTT STEVENS: Definitely I thought they came higher in the first. We thought we could have done better. We came out in the second and got better, which we had to do. They're a better team. They made some adjustments. They did some things a lot better. Fortunately we got the first goal, once again, which definitely helps.

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