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April 5, 2012

Peter Hanson


Q.  Nice round.  Can you just talk about your confidence level?  You've been playing great this year.
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, feeling pretty good about my game, but I think the main thing today was to end up in this group playing with Phil and Hunter, of course great players, and it's always a pleasure playing with Phil, even though it wasn't his best day today.  But still kept riding a little bit from the crowd and cheering a bit.  So it was really nice fun out there.

Q.  More comfortable for you your second time?
PETER HANSON:  A little bit.  I think it would be hard to say I've learned the golf course because then it's going to come up and bite you pretty bad tomorrow.  But it felt good today.  I was hitting the ball very good, and my iron shots ended up in the spots where I needed them to be, and that's kind of key here.  It's kind of a scary golf course in a way because if you're not playing well you're going to end up in a lot of difficult places and end up making bogeys.  Today was kind of the other way around.  If you strike the ball nice you're going to end up with a quite a lot of birdie opportunities like I did today and manage to shoot a good score.

Q.  Nice to know you can get those red numbers in when they're available?
PETER HANSON:  It is.  It was fantastic today.  The course was playing soft.  But we were last off and the greens were holding up very nice, and I was kind of afraid they were going to get spiked up a little bit with all the rain we had the last couple days, but they held up just beautifully, and you could roll the ball well.

Q.  How much has last year's U.S. Open helped you?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, I love the U.S. Open.  I think that's the kind of golf course that sets up the best for my kind of game.  I need to get a bit more comfortable around the greens here, chipping and maybe learn a little bit from Phil and Ollie and the guys that are really good at that kind of game.  But I feel I'll slowly get better and better, and hopefully I can feel comfortable out here tomorrow, as well.

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