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April 5, 2012

Henrik Stenson


HENRIK STENSON:  I hit it way left off the tee, a low hook, and the ball was playable in the bushes, so I went in there and got a small gap and didn't manage to get it out, gets stuck, and then it's like in a pretty worn spot in the pine needles where everybody has walked, and carved it up the fairway‑‑ the worst part of 18 was really over‑hitting the wedge and hitting it up in the crowds behind the green and then it took me four to get down from there.
The fifth shot that I played is a foot from being stiff really.  Small margins, and obviously with hacking a few earlier, that just made it worse.  Finishing with an 8, I don't think I've ever done that.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
HENRIK STENSON:  No, I had a ruling.  I asked about it because I was in a similar situation on 15, but it was a little bit more tire tracks.  This was just the prints of the crowds walking.

Q.  How disappointing was it to play so well up until 18?
HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah, it wasn't that stable the whole day.  I mean, I had made two great eagles, hit some great second shots and made a putt on two par‑5s on the front nine and obviously kept it together, made some good saves, and I even chipped in once for par and really kept it together.  But after 11 I didn't hit one fairway off the tee, and that's obviously going to cost you at some point.  Even though I didn't expect it to cost as much as it did on 18.

Q.  How long were those eagle putts?
HENRIK STENSON:  Both about 15 feet I would say.

Q.  You've played 18 through 18 rounds here even par.  Was it just bound to happen one of these days?
HENRIK STENSON:  Well, I don't know about that, but if you can't get the ball in play off the tee, you're going to drop shots.  Hitting it in the‑‑ playing out of the forest most of the back nine, it's going to cost a little bit sooner or later.  Disappointing that it cost that much.

Q.  You seem awfully composed for a guy who's‑‑
HENRIK STENSON:  Well, I've got a temper, but it's almost like I got past that stage.  It's easier to walk away with just changing the bag, no full length clubs anymore or just forget about it, and I need my clubs tomorrow, so I choose that part.

Q.  You kind of had a two‑way miss going off the tee on the back.  You missed it right on 15, left on 18‑‑
HENRIK STENSON:  Left on 18, as well.  I was out on 7 but managed to hit a great recovery shot over the trees with a 9‑iron to like 15 feet.  It was very wishy‑washy on the back nine.  Just going to get something to eat and try and get a little bit of calmness in the swing for tomorrow.

Q.  Outside of the tee shot, is there something you would rather have done differently on the second or third shots?
HENRIK STENSON:  Well, I mean, the only thing I possibly could have done was to accept‑‑ not given it a go with a 4‑iron down from the poor lie and instead maybe played a 7‑iron up there and leave myself a pitch.  I probably wouldn't have made worse than 6 then.  But I guess that's the difficult part here, accepting your mistakes and even play for a double bogey, and you're still going for the better one.  That's when this course really bites back.  Alvaro did it on 7, had a wedge and had to walk away with a triple.  It can really grab you, and I sure got my bit of it on 18.

Q.  What did you hit over the green?
HENRIK STENSON:  A pitching wedge.  I had 136 yards, and we kind of misjudged the wind, as well.  It was pumping down, but we thought it was going to be more off the left, and that thing was in the crowd as soon as it left the club it felt like.  Difficult spot to hit it on 18.

Q.  How far were you in that pine straw with the 4‑iron shot?
HENRIK STENSON:  I had like 235, 240, so it was a long ways.  But again, I mean, if I would have gotten the second shot out on the fairway, it would have been a different story.  That's normally what happens.  You make a little mistake and then you compound it with another one, and it just keeps on snowballing, and I got the snowman in the end.  You know, what to do.

Q.  For 17 holes you played what a lot of people have said was possible on this golf course today.  Is it overall a disappointing day today?
HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah, with the start I had, especially when I rolled that eagle in on 8, I was hoping to be able to keep it together on the back nine, and I did everything except 18, even though I played some poor shots and had some poor holes.  It's disappointing.  I got caught out on the speed on 16 because I had not the worst‑‑ the most hard putt on 16 for birdie, but with that green being real late, as well, it's a little bit thinner and a little bit less grass and a bit quicker, and I over‑hit that one and three‑putted that one, so that was a bit of a clumsy bogey on 16.  Got away with it on 17 but obviously not on 18.

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