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April 5, 2012

Gary Woodland


Q.  Kind of one of those days where you scrambled to keep from getting too out of hand but also let some opportunities get away that could have made it pretty good?
GARY WOODLAND:  I played okay.  I had three mud balls that killed me and a couple of three putts.  Outside of that I played fine.
We misjudged the wind on 16, which killed me.  I was playing momentum, I was playing good coming off a couple of birdies.  Had a chance to post 1 or 2‑under par and get back in the golf tournament.
If you are going to play a bad round, get it over the first day.

Q.  1‑over is not a bad round out there today.  It seems like the scores aren't particularly low?
GARY WOODLAND:  I played better than that.  It's frustrating.  I got some mud balls earlier today, which you are going to get out here.

Q.  8 was one of those, I'm assuming?
GARY WOODLAND:  No, no.  7, 13, and I had another one in there somewhere where I made another bogey.  Those are stuff.  Everybody is going to get those.  It's unfortunate, but like I said the big one was 16.  We just misjudged the wind and that killed the momentum we had going.

Q.  Did the speed me up of the greens and the hole locations make it difficult at the beginning?
GARY WOODLAND:  Yeah.  I mean, I left some putts short early.  The pins were good pins out there today.  I thought the golf course was setup pretty fair.  If you keep the ball in the fairway, it's not that bad of a deal as long as there's no mud on the ball.  The mud is so tough to judge.  I hit some shots in the fairway, but with mud in spots you just can't hit it, and then all of a sudden you three‑putt.  That's frustrating.

Q.  Back to the mud, is that something you notice right away and then you try to compensate for it some way?
GARY WOODLAND:  You just guess.  You hit it opposite which way the mud is on the wall.  That doesn't always work.

Q.  As well as Henrick was playing, are you kind of stunned that he finished the way he did?
GARY WOODLAND:  He was playing solid, obviously.  It's his birthday.  You are supposed to play well on your birthday.  He had it going.  It's unfortunate to see.  2‑under is not bad today.

Q.  Last year you had (inaudible) and Alvaro the same way.  Did you feel like you could kind of pick up some of that momentum again this year like you did yesterday?
GARY WOODLAND:  No.  It's a whole new year.  The golf course is playing a lot different than last year.  Last year was a little firm.  This year it's awfully soft out there.  The wind picked up a little bit this afternoon, lighter on the back nine.  That made it a little tougher but I thought it was definitely out there to get today.

Q.  Based on the rain projections, I don't know if you saw them, are you happy to get your round in the first day?
GARY WOODLAND:  Yeah.  I mean ‑‑

Q.  As opposed to coming back and finishing ‑‑
GARY WOODLAND:  I saw a 60 percent chance of rain today.  You never know what to expect, but the weather was perfect today.  The golf course was great.

Q.  With the rain and all that, did you change the way you attacked the holes ‑‑
GARY WOODLAND:  No.  The holes were the same.

Q.  ‑‑ or did you keep with the game plan you had?
GARY WOODLAND:  The holes were the same.  You can attack the pins a little bit more because the greens were a little more receptive.  Outside of that you are still trying to keep it below the hole and in the right spot.

Q.  Did you find that the wind affected you that much except for 16?
GARY WOODLAND:  You know, the good thing it really wasn't swirling that much.  It was blowing west, southwest the whole day.  Even though it started picking up, it didn't swirling which is when it gets tough out here.

Q.  Was this course for the taking today?
GARY WOODLAND:  I think so.  It wouldn't surprise me if somebody posts five, six, seven under.

Q.  You had a 5‑under there?

Q.  So it doesn't surprise you how he was playing then?
GARY WOODLAND:  No, not at all.  The par 5, you can get to.  You can make birdies and eagles.  I think Westwood is already at 4, and he's on the front nine.  I mean, it's definitely out there.

Q.  What happened on the second shot on 9?  I heard you backed off and then heard some noise?
GARY WOODLAND:  I just heard some noise.  It was kind of a jumper out of the rough.  You know, you've got to hit that one down the right side off the tee box.  I hit it down the left side.  Fortunate enough to make par.

Q.  That was the shot from the gallery, a pretty good shot?

Q.  You made a good putt there, and that seemed to get your putter going a little bit, too?
GARY WOODLAND:  I putted solid.  Some of these putts you hit it on the wrong side of the hole it's tough to make par.  You have got to hit it in the right spot and I wasn't doing that early in the round.

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