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April 5, 2012

Justin Rose


Q.  If that was a day at the office, how would you describe it?
JUSTIN ROSE:  It was kind of a mundane, routine day.  A round at Augusta is never mundane and routine, let's put that straight.
In terms of my performance, it was kind of a very ‑‑ one birdie, one bogey.  Not much happened.  Didn't make too many putts, didn't make too many mistakes, decent, flat line opening stuff, really.  Hopefully I can build on it and get going from there.

Q.  Was it a round that you were kind of battling with or wrestling with?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I didn't hit really many loose shots but I didn't hit many great shots either.  I didn't feel like my irons were on (inaudible).  I wasn't taking out the flag stick today.  Hitting more to the middle of the greens.  I wasn't comfortable with exactly where I was going to miss the ball.  Probably played a lot of conservative shots today.  That's where my game is at.
When that's the case, that's when you want your putter to help you out and make some putts.  That wasn't the case today.  I got off to a decent start, had a lot of ten footers early in my round, missed them all, missed them all high.  I was kind of giving the greens a little bit too much respect.
Again, even par.  There's no damage, no damage done.  I can build on it from there

Q.  So plenty of information inside for a positive start tomorrow, round 2?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, very much so.  I mean, I'll take that round of golf.  I mean, I'm not disappointed.  I've got a few things I want to work on on the range, but it's very hard to keep your game on song for four days.  You are going to have spells in the tournament when you have it and you don't have it.
For me, as long as I improve from here, it should be good.

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