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April 5, 2012

Paul Lawrie


PAUL LAWRIE:  The greens are in fantastic condition and rolling pretty well.  A couple of days, I'm sure the course will play pretty fast, which is what they want.

Q.  You might be at an advantage to get out early this morning.  I think the storm is coming this afternoon.
PAUL LAWRIE:  Yeah, I think (inaudible) was the (inaudible) I think this week is what they are all saying for the way the weather is going to be.  So that's always good.

Q.  Do you feel you are a better player than you were when you last played here?  Have you got shots that you didn't have before?
PAUL LAWRIE:¬† Well, I'm older which I think is a good thing.¬† I'm a little more ‑‑ I would like to think I'm a little more mature, but some would argue that point.¬† But I kind of feel that this course is all about the speed and patience and I struggled with that on the front nine and then I got into it in the back nine.¬† So we'll see what happens.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
PAUL LAWRIE:  The youngest won, Michael, he's here.  He's 13, so he was gutted yesterday at the par 3 being canceled because he was going to caddie.  I pulled him out of the crowd at 16 and he skipped it across the water.  The first one, he hit it he didn't get it over.  The second one he had about 15 feet.

Q.  He'll be proud of you today?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Well, I hope so.  He better be.

Q.  If there is no rain, what do you think you need to work on?
PAUL LAWRIE:  This afternoon will be easy.  I'm just going to hit 40 or 50 balls, do a little bit of short game, a bit of putting, and then head back to the house.  That's normal.  I wouldn't do anymore than that anyway.  The job now is to rest and not (inaudible) on the range.

Q.  Do you still have butterflies on the first tee when you tee up the Masters?
PAUL LAWRIE:  I get quite nervous on the first tee, I always have.  I think it's a good thing.  But no more than normal this week, no.

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