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November 18, 2004

Cristie Kerr


CRISTIE KERR: I guess I'll start with the score card.

1st hole I hit a wedge in, made about a 15 foot putt.

The par 5, I hit a 5 wood on the green in two. I 2 putted from about 35 feet.

The par 3, I hit a 6 iron to about two feet.

Then pars until the 11th hole, where I hit a 6 iron, made about a 50 foot putt.

12th hole, I hit a pitching wedge to about six inches, and then parred my way in.

Q. Any break to it, pretty straight?

CRISTIE KERR: Broke about a foot right to left.

Q. Your best round, competitive round, on this course. I know you're a member here, but how much do you come up and play?

CRISTIE KERR: You know, I guess I'm like most of Donald's members, kind of here and there. Don't spend much time in one place.

But Donald's been very, very good to me. You know, we've played golf together. He's a really good person. He does a lot for the LPGA Tour. You know, he just lets me go out to any of his properties. It's invaluable really. So I'm pretty thankful for that.

Q. Do you watch The Apprentice?

CRISTIE KERR: I don't watch much TV, but I have seen it. I like it. It's pretty exciting. My mom loves it. It's her favorite show.

Q. The result suggests it's been your best season. Would you agree with that? If so, what has been the key for you this year?

CRISTIE KERR: What's been what?

Q. Some of the keys.

CRISTIE KERR: Believing in myself, first and foremost. I trained a little bit harder in the gym in the off season, so I gained a little bit of distance. I switched equipment. So it's just a combination of all that and getting older and maturing, just knowing you can do it. You know, success breeds success. You know, getting my second wind in Vegas really kind of springboarded me into the rest of the season.

Q. This course, no wind today at all. Did it play as easy as it could play, I would think?

CRISTIE KERR: I don't think it played as easy as it could play. The wind has come up I'd say in the last hour since we were like on the 14th or 15th hole. It's come up a little bit and made the finishing holes I think especially a little bit tougher. Into the wind on 16, kind of right to left, kind of cross, into the wind, depends on what the gust is.

On 17 and 18, they had us all the way back on the tee today, you know, into the wind tee shot with the pin back. That played about as long as it could play unless it was a gale force wind.

This course, you can't ever take it for granted. I've played here enough to know that. You really have to grin it out on those last couple holes.

Q. Earlier, Ty Votaw was in here announcing the schedule for next year. Even though you guys start a little earlier next year, you still have a lengthy break.

CRISTIE KERR: That's nice.

Q. That was my question. Do you enjoy having that?

CRISTIE KERR: I do. Get a travel a little bit, go on vacation. I haven't decided where yet. But you only live once, so try and take a vacation every chance you can get, if you can do it (laughter).

I have fun in the off season. I take about a month off, five weeks off, don't even touch a club. I go out with my friends, go to baseball games, whatever there is going on. No hockey this year, unfortunately.

But the off season's great. I mean, our season's pretty long. It's a grind because of all the travel and everything that we do associated with that. So it's nice to get a break.

Q. Do you think that improves the competition during the season because you guys would seem to be a little frustrated not having the full year, year round schedule, and more top players at the same event?

CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, I mean, I would say, you know, we're getting better fields in general at our tournaments. Maybe the off season has something to do with that, but it differs for everybody. Like some people may not take any time off and just practice the whole time, and some people may not touch clubs. So I guess it really depends on the individual.

You know, I take time off, but then I prepare well in advance. So it's nice just to get a break for me to do things I want to do, hang out with my family or go fishing or shopping or whatever it is. You really need a deep rest after this much of a long season.

End of FastScripts.

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