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March 29, 2012

Bud Cauley


DOUG MILNE:テつ Okay.テつ Bud Cauley, thanks for joining us.テつ We appreciate your time.テつ Great round today, 5-under, 67.テつ Seems like you're picking up pretty much right where you left off the past couple of weeks.テつ You obviously got the rhythm going.テつ Just a few comments here on your first round at the Shell Houston Open.テつ I believe first time here, as well, and just some comments on the round and we'll take some questions.
BUD CAULEY:テつ Yeah.テつ Just my first time here.テつ The course was, you know, in perfect condition this morning.テつ I got off to a good start.テつ Kind of messed up there on 13, I think it was, hit a bad wedge shot, made a bogey.テつ Was able to make a great birdie on 17 and really happy with my start.
DOUG MILNE:テつ Okay.テつ With that we'll take a few questions.

Q.テつ You mean 12, the par four?

Q.テつ What did you do with the wedge?
BUD CAULEY:テつ I laid it up too close and then kind of had an awkward yardage and hit it over the green.

Q.テつ I guess any birdie on 17 is a good one.
BUD CAULEY:テつ Yeah, especially where I drove it.テつ I drove it to the left of the -- I drove it just left of the bunker and it hit one of those green stakes where they have the ropes on it and kicked it left by that road over there, left of the trees.テつ I hit a big high cut 3-iron over the trees to about 20 feet and made the putt.

Q.テつ So I would imagine you didn't exactly come up here -- come in this week short on confidence.テつ I mean, just coming off your best finish out here, and you kind of talk about how you feel like where your game is and what's come together, what you sort of clicked into?
BUD CAULEY:テつ Yeah.テつ You know, I started playing well a few weeks ago at transitions.テつ I hit it really well there, just didn't make the putts I wanted to.テつ But last week at the -- I got the putter to work a little bit.テつ Today I really did the same thing, drove it pretty well, hit my irons and made some putts when I needed to.

Q.テつ Bud, what's it like being a rookie out here besides the golf part?テつ I mean, finding your way around strange towns, not knowing the courses.
BUD CAULEY:テつ Sometimes it probably takes me a little longer to find the locker room than most guys (laughter).テつ Eventually I'll find my way and it will all be fun.

Q.テつ You feel like a stranger sometimes?
BUD CAULEY:テつ I mean, it's new places.テつ Like I said, that probably is one of the more challenging things, just figuring out where everything is, where to park and all that stuff.テつ But, you know, nothing about being out here is bad.

Q.テつ Any good stories about, rookie stories I mean, about -- I don't know.
BUD CAULEY:テつ Not I can think of.テつ It's still kind of early.テつ I definitely always have to have my badge on me; otherwise, they won't let me in, they think I'm dressing up as a golfer and trying to sneak in (laughter).

Q.テつ Did you ever make the mistake of leaving your badge behind and --
BUD CAULEY:テつ I've had to talk my way in a few times.テつ "My locker is in there, you'll let me get inside, I'll prove it to you."
Q.So how do you think this place sets up for you and how do you feel, good place for your game?
BUD CAULEY:テつ It fits my eye well.テつ Lot of -- lot of right to lefty shots, which I like to work it that way off the tee.テつ I think it fits my eye and suits my game and, you know, really, if you get it in the fairway around here, I think it suits anyone's game.テつ You can be somewhat aggressive with your irons and the greens are perfect so, you can make a bunch of putts.

Q.テつ You talk about being confident when you first came out here.テつ Were there nerves that went along with that, too?
BUD CAULEY:テつ I think every time you tee it up, there's a little bit kind of nervous excitement.テつ But, you know, that's just normal.テつ It was the same in college and amateur golf, too.テつ The same feeling.

Q.テつ No more nerves based on who you're playing against?
DOUG MILNE:テつ Anybody else?テつ All right.テつ Bud, we appreciate your time.テつ Keep up the good work.
BUD CAULEY:テつ Appreciate it.

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