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July 30, 2005

Cristie Kerr


PAUL ROVNAK: You just want to talk about your day?

CRISTIE KERR: I started out bogey the first two holes, didn't really feel like I hit any bad shots, but I got in the green side bunkers and both pins were kind of back. So your first priority is just get it out of the trap and not try to get it near the hole, because if you don't get it over the lip, you're right back where you started.

So I bogeyed the first two holes. I missed a 15 footer for par on 1 and 2, you just can't hit it where I hit it. I didn't even come close to making pars.

But then I kind of settled down a little bit and hit my 6 iron on the fourth hole to about five feet and made that.

On the sixth hole, I hit a good drive and I was in between a 5 wood and 7 wood into the green and hit 5 wood way over the green. And had a really difficult kind of downhill, up over a slope and down into the hole, I just hit an amazing shot, like a little bump and run with a sand wedge, and I put it way back in my stance and trapped it and got it running. It got down there about four feet, which was a great shot. Made that for birdie.

Then on 8, I hit a great 7 iron to about ten feet right of the hole and made that for birdie.

12, the par 3, I made an unbelievable par on 11. I don't even know how I did it to be quite honest. I kind of pulled my drive a little bit into the heavy rough on 11 and tried to punch a 7 wood out and it got way right into the hill. I actually got a really decent lie on the hill, and I don't even know what you call that, heather. Hit a sand wedge chip out a little too hard and that was up the hill behind the pin and back behind the green and made a 20 footer for par, which was great. And then I hit my 8 iron on 12 to about four feet for birdie. Just didn't hit it well coming in.

17, I had a sand wedge to ten feet past it or eight feet past it. I was posed to make birdie on 18 and, you know, clearly I have some stuff to work on on the range after.

Q. Inaudible?

CRISTIE KERR: Absolutely. I was 5 under for the day, actually, after the first few holes and I felt like I didn't really hit it that great coming in. So I was able to kind of hang on, make some pars and get some chances coming in and obviously ended up making the birdie on 18 which was nice.

Q. Inaudible?

CRISTIE KERR: Unofficially, yeah.

Q. Looking at World Rankings inaudible?

CRISTIE KERR: Well, I tell you, we have a lot of talented Americans, Paula Creamer, Natalie Gulbis and company. I've played very, very well the last few years and whether Paula is the No. 1 or whether I'm the No. 1 American, I don't think it really matters. We're all looking forward to the Solheim Cup and we're all playing on the team together. You know, I'm very thankful for that.

Q. Game plan tomorrow?

CRISTIE KERR: Game plan tomorrow?

Q. Not bogey the first hole?

CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, obviously, but going 5 under for the rest of the day is pretty good in bad conditions coming in.

Game plan tomorrow, just go out and hit the shots the way I want to hit, be very selfish about that. Have a great, positive attitude and try to get the putter rolling, try to make some putts. Obviously, try and put a little bit of pressure on the leaders. There's a lot of people chasing her and she's looking for her first tournament win, so, you know, we're all behind her trying to catch her.

Q. How do you go about chipping away at the lead?

CRISTIE KERR: Well, I don't know, she's played great this whole week and she's a good player. I've played with her a lot. I played with her at Kingsmill this year. She hits it a long ways for her size. Everybody always says she's a good player, and she's obviously come close and never won.

You know, the pressure of being the final major of the year, never to have won, you can always have those doubts in your head that you're going to win. I know once I finally won, you kind of erase those questions in your mind. So I don't think she's going to be sleeping very well tonight and she might, though. You never know how people react. She may react differently. Tomorrow we're all going to be trying to catch her. So I just hope I have a better day than everybody else, that's all.

Q. Do you have a figure in mind that it will take to catch her?

CRISTIE KERR: It depends on the weather. You know, I think if it's supposed to be good, then you have to shoot pretty super low. Even if she's playing very well, she's going to shoot 3 or 4 under and however many we're back, five, you're going to have to play very well. But under the circumstances and the pressure, and I don't know, Annika is probably playing with her in the final group, so that's going to be even more difficult still.

So I like my position. Just going to go out and try to play well and put some pressure on the leaders and hopefully it will go my way.

Q. What about playing with Annika in the final group for her, what kind of things can Annika do anything to your head?

CRISTIE KERR: I don't think Annika does anything to your head as much as you can do something in your own mind. I've played with her enough that it doesn't bother me anymore. It used to when I first came out on Tour and she had 35 Tour wins or whatever and you're playing with her never having won a tournament. But I've played with her enough now, and I've beaten her in some tournaments, that that doesn't bother me. But how that's going to how JJ is going to react to that. You're probably going to ask her that when she comes in here.

End of FastScripts.

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