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August 27, 2005

Cristie Kerr


PAUL ROVNAK: Cristie, we know you've got to get to the range and hit some balls. We'll make this quick. Six birdies today, 15 under for the tournament. You're going to have a shot at this thing tomorrow. Talk about that.

CRISTIE KERR: I played very, very well the last three days. Coming off a two week stretch off of not playing tournaments, sometimes it's hard to get back in the competitive flow of things. I missed the cut last week. I just didn't hit it very well, and worked on some things in my swing and got a new putter at the British, and then put a line on it that's much better for me now.

I felt like I left a lot out there the last three days, even being 15 under, which is a nice place to be. I played very well. I hit the ball well. I didn't hit it great coming in, but I'm going to go to the range and work on it a little bit. I think that's a product of having a 3 hour rain delay. I was able to hang in there and I hit a lot of good shots out there.

Q. (No microphone) is it even more of a grind when you know you've got to put a 66 or 67 up there?

CRISTIE KERR: In a sense, yes. But in a sense it's kind of fun because you know there are a lot birdies out there. Again, I've made a lot of putts the last three days but I've left a lot out there. Again, it's a great place to be. Tomorrow being Sunday, it's going to be a little different. It depends where they put the pins and the conditions and everything. I'm going to go out and do the same thing I did the last three days and play for myself and not put too much pressure on myself, just try to hit the shots where I'm looking and roll the ball on the greens and read the greens the way I want to. If I do that well, I'm going to have a good shot at it.

Q. I don't know if you've had an opportunity to play with Paula Creamer before.

CRISTIE KERR: Very much so.

Q. People know she's a rookie, but she doesn't appear to be your typical rookie, in terms of the way she handles the lead or the way she manages the course. I wonder if you could address that a little bit.

CRISTIE KERR: She is a great player. We heard about her before she came out on Tour. She has a lot of experience for her young age, but she's still young. There are going to be a lot of players coming at her tomorrow, hopefully I'll be one of those. It's a little different when it gets closer. I don't know what she did on 18, but she's played very, very well this year, and doing things that a rookie has never done. Over $1 million in a season, I think she's got Rookie of the Year locked up. Two wins, a dream year as far as a rookie year. And I think she's kind of set herself up for success in how she grew up and moving from California to Florida, going to the Leadbetter Academy and graduating high school. She did all the right things to make professional golfer her career. She's a very confident young woman and knows what she wants to achieve and she's been able to have great success at it, which is very rare.

Q. There's so much talk this year about developing rivalries on this Tour and rivalries in the future. With you and Paula at the top of leaderboard going into the final round tomorrow and the top American.

CRISTIE KERR: Absolutely, I don't really like that I got past on the money list, but it's all in good fun and I've got to work that much harder to keep up with her. She is a great player and having a great year. I took a victory from her last year when she was an amateur at the Shop Rite, so I'm sure she wants a little retribution for that. But there is a lot of golf left.

End of FastScripts.

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