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March 23, 2012

Justin Rose


Q.  Pretty good day, you made the most out of a day that was up‑and‑down.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, exactly.  I had it going really nicely on the front nine, got it to 7‑under par and then just threw two bogeys which kind of killed the momentum.  From that point on it was a struggle for the rest of the day.  I struggled, made a couple nice putts on the front nine but on the back nine I didn't hit another good putt to be honest with you.  I hit every green pretty much on the back side and hit a good shot into 16 to make a 2‑putt birdie.
But you know, within touch for the weekend.  Obviously Tiger has gone out and shot 10‑under which is good golf, and he's pretty good from the front.  But for the most part, though, I'm where you want to be after two days.

Q.  How confident are you?  You've probably been the most consistent player so far on the PGA TOUR so far this year.
JUSTIN ROSE:  That gives me a lot of confidence.  There's a lot of areas in my game I can rely on right now and hitting the ball quite well this week for the most part.  Just the putter has not warmed up yet.  Hopefully if that does happen on the weekend, I can put a run together.
This golf course, it's not the easiest.  Especially it's not easy to play with a lead out here, so being a few back going into the weekend is not a big deal.  And there's plenty of water out there and trouble and mistakes to make.  You just have to hang in there.
This tournament last year, I was 30th at the turn on Sunday and came back in 31.  The back nine was playing really, really tough and ended up finishing third and at one point felt like I could win it.  That's a pretty good lesson to learn; that knowing on this golf course, you're never really out of it.

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