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March 23, 2012

Brittany Lincicome


Q.  Take me through a hole in one.  Pretty exciting moment for you, I'm sure, today.
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  It was very exciting because we were coming off five, and Stacy Lewis is a really good friend of mine.  We kind of looked at each other and thought we need to do something on the last four holes.  So we get to six, and we're walking to the tee and we're like, "$5 birdies last four holes."  I said, "7 is a par‑5, can I get $20 eagles even though it's not reachable because it's dead into the wind."  And she goes, "yeah, but we could still hole out.  $20 eagles."  So of course we step on 6, and she almost holed it.  She's like five feet, and I hole it.  So we're looking at each other, and she's like, "I hate you."
It was so funny that we had this whole conversation and then I made a hole in one.  Unfortunately, it's not the car hole.  Maybe I could warm my way into getting a Kia. That would be awesome.
I think I had one on Tour another time in Morelia, I think.  So this was like a 5‑iron, that was a pitching wedge, so it was pretty cool.

Q.  Coming off the first day you had two bogeys on that side.  To feel the momentum and still keep yourself up there, all that's got to feel pretty good?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Yeah, it's hard.  I wish it had come on 18 because, obviously, you're jazzed up and your emotions running high.  I told myself at the next tee, calm down, try to make a good swing, but I was so excited that that didn't happen.
Coming down the stretch and then to bogey my last hole was obviously depressing.  But I held it together because there for a while, I thought it was going to go straight downhill.  And after missing the cut last week and all those thoughts in the back of my mind, it was nice to pull it together and almost finish it out even.

Q.  I was going to say, to come back and play this week, after your first missed cut in‑‑
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Four weeks they said.

Q.  Yeah, that's a long stretch to go.
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  It's one of those things that's been in the back of my mind that I haven't missed a cut in a while.  Then people would mention it.  And I was like gosh try to think about something else and not focus on that.
So it's kind of a blessing that I did miss the cut.  But after I did, I was sitting on the putting green just crying my eyes out because I've been working so hard to be so good and to miss a cut is really sad.  But just all the emotions kind of ran through me at the same time.  But 44 cuts made in a row is pretty impressive.

Q.  A pretty impressive week.  You have something fun coming up this afternoon that you get to take part in?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  I do.  I wish I could go there ask kind of learn.  But they're not on air until 3:30.  I actually went two days ago into the booth, and I've been learning what I'm supposed to be doing.  So if I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it all out.  I want to learn before I get in there so I don't look silly.

Q.  What is your role today?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  I'm the producer.  I wish I was commentating talking about girls' games and golf courses.  Stacy's on the camera which I think will be harder than we think as well.
It's going to be really fun.  It gives you an insight into how things operate out here.  We only play golf, which is pretty simple.  But Beth and all those guys at the Golf Channel and all their work they do is pretty hard.

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