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March 22, 2012

Jae Crowder

Buzz Williams


Florida – 68
Marquette - 58

COACH WILLIAMS:  Congratulations to Florida.  I have the most respect for Coach Donovan, for the staff, for their players.  I thought they were outstanding.  I thought they beat us straight up from start to finish, and we wish them the best as they continue their season.

Q.  Could you talk about, was it their defense or was it just the ball not going in the basket for you?
JAE CROWDER:  I just think I didn't shoot the ball well.  But I tried to bring something else to the team other than shooting, other than scoring; that's defense somewhat and rebounding.  But it wasn't falling for me tonight.

Q.  Could you just talk about what Florida is able to do defensively.  Did you think it was a matter of having a bad shooting night or was it their defense?
COACH WILLIAMS:  I thought they were great.  Any time you get beat I think it's a bailout when you just say you didn't make shots.  I always want to give credit to the opponent and their staff when they beat you.
You have to make shots, particularly on this stage, particularly in a tournament setting.  But if you don't make shots, the easiest thing to say is, well, we just missed shots that we typically take.  That wasn't what happened.  They were really good.  They were outstanding.  And credit goes to their defensive game plan relative to what we were trying to do offensively.

Q.  How big of an impact did Junior Cadougan going out with just a minute in the second half with his fourth foul, how big was that?
COACH WILLIAMS:  I think we struggled being in rhythm throughout most of the game.  Jae has always played more than 12 minutes in a half.  But it's dangerous for him to pick up his third.  So he sat a lot of the first half.
Junior has never picked up three fouls in the first half except once before in his career.  This was our 35th game, I think, our 35th game.  And it was the only game in the first half that we never got to the bonus.
So when you're playing against a team as good as Florida and you're playing without your key guys, it's hard for that rhythm to be established.  So it wasn't just the second half, it was the first half, as well.  And it's a rhythm that's established not just offensively, but defensively, as well.

Q.  Florida was having trouble finding points and Bradley Beal was the one guy that stood out for them.  What are your impressions of him?
COACH WILLIAMS:  I think he's really good.  I think he's really, really good.  Nothing against Erving Walker, nothing against Kenny Boynton, Erik Murphy, Patric Young.  But in a lot of ways I think Bradley Beal is their swing vote, because he's so multi‑versatile, talented, can guard multiple guys.  He plays multiple positions, whether they're small, whether they're big.  He can beat you off the bounce using their ball screens, he can catch and shoot.  I think he was their ‑‑ I think he's their leading rebounder, isn't he?
I think he's really good.  And he was really good tonight.  I mean, he missed two shots.  That's a heck of a line.  Really good.

Q.  Were you surprised at all by the energy that their three primary bench guys, Rosario, Wilbekin and Prather brought to the game?
COACH WILLIAMS:  No, I think that's one of the reasons why they're so potent.  I don't think those guys have to play ‑‑ Bradley Beal plays more minutes than any of them, and that's because he can swing to the four if they're playing small.
But we played Rosario when he was at Rutgers.  He was a McDonald's All‑American.  When you have a McDonald's All‑American coming off the bench, that speaks to your depth.  And I think within how they play ‑‑ when they're just continuing to rotate guys in and they're playing with eight or nine high‑major plus players, that's really difficult.  And it's really difficult on both ends, because they're not just fresh offensively, they fresh defensively, as well.  I thought those guys were great.

Q.  You were talking about how much you like Billy Donovan.  What do you like about him and what do you like about his programs?
COACH WILLIAMS:  I think he's just class.  I think he's class.  I think he does it for the right reasons.  I don't think his ego gets in the way.  When you talk about a guy that's won two National Championships and he's only 46 years old and he's won over 400 games and he's won 28 games now in the NCAA tournament, and he still talks to you and he still looks you in the eye and says how are you doing.  I appreciate that.  There are a lot of guys in our business that don't do that.  Sometimes they think they win because of who they are.
I think he's been raised in the business the right way and I have the utmost respect for him.  I think he'll be like some of the guys in our league.  I think he'll be in the Hall of Fame and still coach ten more years.  I think he'll be in the Hall of Fame before he's 55 years old.  You know what I mean?  There's very few of those guys.  I have great respect for who he is.

Q.  If I can kind of get you to put on your analyst cap a little bit.  Obviously you're familiar with Louisville, you just played Florida.  How do you see that game, what do you expect that to be?
COACH WILLIAMS:  It's kind of like when Louisville plays Seton Hall, Louisville plays Cincinnati, Cincinnati plays Seton Hall.  Coach Pitino and his tree.  Coach Willard, Coach Cronin, Coach Donovan, I think there's 24 of them.  There's a whole plethora of those guys.
I think they're similar in regards to how they see the game, in regards to how they prepare, in regards to how they play.
I thought the last time we played Louisville, that was the 6th time we had played Louisville since I've been at Marquette, and I thought it was by far the best they had every been played.  I thought Peyton Siva was unbelievable.  Kyle Kuric is just the ultimate glue guy in all of college basketball.  I think Gorgui continues to improve.  And I think those two Smith guys, you don't realize how fast they are.  They're just gnats, they're just everywhere.
I thought that that game, I think we lost by 13.  But if you were at the game and you watched the game, you'd have thought we lost by 33.
So I think it will be an interesting game, because I think those styles, because they're so similar, it becomes a chess game, because they're trying to figure out, hey, they're going to do this or we're going to do this.  And it becomes not our counter, the next counter.  So I think it will be a really good game.
I think Louisville is playing really well.  I didn't see them today, but I think it will be a good game.

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