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March 22, 2012

Jared Berggren

Bo Ryan

Jordan Taylor


Syracuse – 64
Wisconsin – 63

COACH RYAN:  Well, I'm just really proud of my guys.  We can play with anybody in the country, and they proved that again.  And I'm just so proud of them, especially all the movement that we made in our progress in different areas defensively and offensively during the season.  Any time a team gets better as the year goes on, I think that's a good sign.  And Jordan Taylor was a big reason for that; Rob Wilson, as a senior also as leaders.  These guys did a great job.  We played well enough to have this one on our side, it just didn't work out that way.

Q.  This is for Jordan:  Can you just take us through that last possession and what you were trying to do and what Syracuse did against you?
JORDAN TAYLOR:  I mean, we were just trying to get an open shot and try and make them rotate in the zone.  We did a little bit, but they did a good job of recovering to open guys there.  They used the length that they have and kind of forced us into a tough shot, and it obviously didn't go down.  So it was tough.  Hats off to them.  They've got a good team, a really good team, and we knew that coming in, but it was a good game.

Q.  Jordan, when Syracuse had some success offensively and got the lead in the second half, did you guys feel it was going to turn into the kind of game where you had to match them on the offensive end?  And what got you into that streak of six straight three‑pointers there?
JORDAN TAYLOR:  I mean, we were doing a good job of moving the ball and moving bodies without the ball.  We know, everybody knows they're an explosive offensive team, Dion Waiters, and Scoop, Kris Joseph, all them, make you play with the best of them.  We were just really trying to get stops and find a way to get stops.  They did good job of getting in the lane, and they just got one more stop and one more score than we did.

Q.  Jared, it looked like you tried to get in there in the last second right before that final possession, the ball was in‑bounded.  How frustrating was it to watch that on the side line?
JARED BERGGREN:  Yeah, I mean, it's tough to not be in there at the end of the game.  You want to have a chance to make a play.  I mean, coach made the sub, brought Mike (Bruesewitz) in.  Mike is a scrappy kid.  I think everyone knows that.  He had a good chance to make a play defensively and then coach went to put me back in a second too late.  It's tough to see the season end like that from the sideline and know that I don't have another chance to play with Jordan and Rob.

Q.  Jared, you had ten points in the early going, but you picked up your second foul six and a half minutes into the game.  How much do you think that changed the pace of the first half?
JARED BERGGREN:  Yeah, I mean, I guess I was having some success early on, and I reached in on a drive where I probably shouldn't have, when I already had one foul, and the call went against me.  And it changed the pace a little bit when we had to bring Frank in there for extended minutes.  He's done a great job all year, but I think it puts us in a tough situation when I'm not on the floor for that amount of time.  It was a poor decision on my part, and I guess it ended up hurting the team.

Q.  Jordan, did that last shot feel good coming off?  Did you think it was in?
JORDAN TAYLOR:  Yeah, you know, it was on the line, and I felt like I got my legs into it.  I knew it was a deep three, but it felt good, and then to see it kind of come up short was kind of heart breaking.
But like I said, they did a good job of forcing us into what they wanted to force us into, and they forced us into a tough shot.

Q.  Bo, coming into this game, was it the plan to take that many threes, and did you think you'd be able to get that many good looks against the zone?
COACH RYAN:  We got an awfully lot of good looks and we took them.  We don't put a number on things, but we know some teams that played well against them, stretched them, made some threes.  We could have finished on a couple more buckets inside, but we took what they gave us, and that's how we survive.  That's how our teams do what they do.  They're pretty resilient.

Q.  I saw you grab Jordan as he was walking off.  What did you say to him after the game?
COACH RYAN:  A couple things.  Nothing earth shattering.  He's been around me a long time.  We've been around each other.  You've got to be a player and you've got to be a coach to understand that kind of relationship.  I can't explain it to you.  That's what we do.  I'm not avoiding the answer.

Q.  From your perspective, can you tell us what happened with Berggren being late to get in on the last play?
COACH RYAN:  No, he wasn't late.  That's okay.  If they'd have made‑‑ if they'd have gone up three, Jared is the better three‑point shooter.  It was okay.  It was a one‑point game, and who's scrappier than Mike Bruesewitz and who got their hand on the ball at the end?  It worked out okay.  We were fine with it.  There wasn't any panic.  A lot of guys wanted to be in there at the end.  Anybody would tell you it's tough.  But man, we almost had that.  We kept it alive, and Josh felt there was no more time, so he had to just let it go.  Maybe a pump fake, draw a foul, but you know what, when you're playing and the speed of the game is going the way it is, you'd have to be there to understand it.

Q.  At any point did you consider using a time‑out during that final stretch?
COACH RYAN:  When you have one, if they pressure, you've got to have your in bounds pass.  I never leave an in‑bounding without a time‑out.  I never leave in case a team springs a run and jump towards the end as you're going last possession.  You always got to give your point guard‑‑ you've got to give your players one.  We had already called what we were going to run at the other end.  We had just run that same horns action for several good looks, and that's what we had called.  So we had what we were going to run.  If I had used a time‑out, I wouldn't have called anything differently.

Q.  Yesterday Coach Boeheim talked about the friendship that you two have, and I wonder what the conversation might be like when you get a chance to discuss the game.  What will you tell him or say to him?
COACH RYAN:  He's been in a lot; I've been in a lot.  Probably a lot of games we could discuss but not maybe against each other.  Normally we talk about how we can raise money for Coaches Versus Cancer because he's coming to speak at our place.  This was set up long before we played this game.  All he asked me was they're not going to throw things at me, are they?  I said, of course not.

Q.  The end of Jordan Taylor's career in Madison, what did it mean to have him in Madison for four years, and especially the way he played today, the 17 points and six assists?
COACH RYAN:  He was Jordan Taylor.  He's a young man that we recruited, he's a young man that we believed in as a teenager, a young pup.  He just kept growing and growing mentally and physically into the position and single‑handedly brought that front line along during the year.  I don't know.  Again, I think it helps if you have played to understand how inexperienced we were with that front line and the things that those guys ended up being able to do to put us at the record that we have and to put us into this position.  Jordan deserves a lot of credit for that, so he'll be sorely missed.

Q.  C.J. Fair has been in a little bit of a slump the last couple weeks, but could you talk about the impact he had on the game?
COACH RYAN:  Well, he did a good job taking it to the rim.  We talked about getting some charges.  We talked about getting bodies there a little bit better.  But you can't simulate that speed.  Syracuse just has too many athletes that can do so many things, and it's hard to prepare for that on the defensive end.  You think you're getting things done, but you're a step behind.  So we did the best we could, and I thought we played great defense.  Not everybody on the court agreed with that, but I thought we played unbelievable defense for the most part.

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