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March 16, 2012

Julian Boyd

Jim Ferry

Jamal Olasewere


Michigan State テや 89
LIU Brooklyn テや 67

THE MODERATOR:テつ We'll start with an opening comment from Coach Jim Ferry.
COACH FERRY:テつ I felt our guys really played their hearts out tonight.テつ It was a very tough, physical basketball game.
I thought we did a great job in the first half of really grinding it out, and in the second half I just felt at times they kind of overwhelmed us with their size, whether it was scoring interior or just keeping them off the glass.
We tried to change up a little bit, change up the flow, and they made some more shots.テつ And we struggled getting the stops we got in the first half.テつ If we could have gotten a couple more of those, I thought we could have had a similar second half.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions for the student‑athletes.

Q.テつ How much were your aware that two 15 seeds beat two No.2 seeds going into this game?テつ Did that motivate you any more, and do you think a 16 can eventually beat a 1?
JAMAL OLASEWERE:テつ I knew one 15 won.テつ I'm not sure what the other one was.

Q.テつ Duke lost to Lehigh.
JAMAL OLASEWERE:テつ Watching Norfolk win definitely inspired us to come out here and try to upset Michigan State.
But it will happen eventually.テつ There's nothing wrong with thinking you could be the team to do it.
But hats off to them; they played a great game.

Q.テつ I'm just curious, as the second half went on, was fatigue a big factor?テつ Having big bodies like that laying on you and them being able to rotate guys in there, was fatigue a big problem as the second half wore on?
JULIAN BOYD:テつ I wouldn't say so.テつ We have a team that's very fit and very ready to go.テつ When you're in a game like this, I think adrenalin takes over fatigue.テつ So I can't say I was tired due to that fact.
But you did say they're very big bodies and you have to bang with them down low.テつ But I wouldn't say fatigue was a factor, though.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thank you.テつ Questions for Coach.

Q.テつ I'll ask you the same question I asked them:テつ How much were you aware about the two 2 seeds going out?テつ Were you thinking about that at all?テつ And do you think a 16 can beat a 1 eventually?
COACH FERRY:テつ I watched the Norfolk State game, and we actually played Norfolk State this year.テつ And I felt going into this tournament I felt there was a significant difference between the 1 seeds and the 2 seeds.テつ That's how come I was extremely disappointed when we got a 16.テつ Maybe we didn't show it to tonight, but I thought we should have been a 15 seed.テつ I think it would have led to maybe a little bit different outcome, because I thought there was a significant gap this year.
I do think a 16's going to beat a 1 eventually.テつ I think the parity in college basketball, it's heading in that direction.テつ I mean, there wasn't this many 2s beating a 15.
So it's going to happen, and I was hoping it was going to be us tonight.

Q.テつ Did your impression or opinion of Draymond Green change seeing him in person as opposed to studying him on tape?
COACH FERRY:テつ No.テつ The kid's a great player.テつ I thought he was a great player going in on tape.テつ He's a great player live.テつ He's going to have a very long career in front of him.テつ He's just a fantastic basketball player.

Q.テつ Draymond Green has a big reputation that Michigan State centers don't.テつ Can you talk about trying to deal with them and the different challenges those two guys present?
COACH FERRY:テつ They're in the Big Ten, winning the Northeast Conference.テつ They need to get centers like that to win it.テつ Those guys are monsters.テつ They're really good players and they're really skilled.テつ That's why they're a No.1 seed.
We don't see that very often.テつ And I thought we did a pretty good job in the first 20minutes of using our quickness and athleticism to kind of negate that.テつ I just thought it was a little overwhelming in the second half.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thank you, Coach.

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