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March 9, 2012

Vania King


V. KING/A. Pavlyuchenkova
6‑4, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Is it fair to say that you kind of have her number?
VANIA KING:  I don't think I want to say that with anybody.  But I think that she doesn't like my game style.  I think that's fair to say.
But, I mean, she's obviously a great player.  If I went to the match and I played bad, then I would lose.  I have to play good when I play against her.

Q.  You had a rough start.  You were down a couple of breaks.  You scratched out of it, right?
VANIA KING:  Yeah, I mean, I was a bit surprised because she came out and she wasn't swinging away like she normally does.  I think in the last couple of matches that we played, you know, she started from the beginning trying to overpower me, which is‑‑ I mean, obviously she's stronger than me.
Today from the beginning she was just kind of, I think, putting the ball in the court, especially, the conditions are pretty difficult.  I was forcing a lot in the beginning, and then I called my coach on the court, and he said, you know, Just slow down a little bit because you're forcing too much.  Make her play.
Then when I started to do that she started to make more errors, because instead of me forcing she had to start to do something.  Then I think after that both of us started to get a little bit more comfortable in the match.

Q.  You're completely healthy?  Because you had an injury two weeks ago.

Q.  Three weeks ago?
VANIA KING:  About a month ago, actually.  That's when it started.

Q.  So talk about what you had to go through.
VANIA KING:  Well, I started feeling pain when I was in Pattaya.  Then I actually flew on Saturday to Doha, because I played my quarters in Pattaya on Friday.  I flew Saturday morning eight hours to Doha to try to play in the afternoon, and the courts, the conditions were really different.
I think because of the flight it aggravated‑‑ the travel aggravated the injury.  So I went there and I didn't feel like‑‑ I mean, I was having pain just walking, so I didn't feel like it was appropriate for me to play.
Then I flew straight home from Doha, and I took a couple of weeks off and started training and came here.

Q.  What was the diagnosis when you got back home?
VANIA KING:  It was a strain.  Yeah.

Q.  But not a tear?
VANIA KING:  Well, a strain is like a light tear.  Nothing major.

Q.  You flew to Doha and were going to play the same day?
VANIA KING:  Yeah, because I had to play quallies and I had committed to the tournament.  So I really‑‑ I actually really did want to play.  Obviously, I mean, I went there to try to play.
So it was disappointing for me not to play, and I felt like, you know, I have been playing consistent tennis.
So, it makes me‑‑ when you get injured it makes you realize how important it is to be healthy, because, you know, I really enjoy being on the court.  I feel like my game has improved a lot.
I want to keep improving, so I think my main goal this year and for the rest of my career is obviously to stay healthy.

Q.  Have you paid any attention to the Olympics cutoff?  Because you're pretty near it.
VANIA KING:  Yeah, I mean, I know what's the qualifications, and obviously I can't determine anything right now because the cut is after French Open.
But, I mean, my goal this year is to play the Olympics, but I'm trying to take it one step at a time, you know.  I can't worry about it.  It's in four months.  I have to worry about today and tomorrow and what I'm going to do now.

Q.  So wins like today that get you a lot of points definitely helps towards that cause?
VANIA KING:  Yeah, winning helps.

Q.  So you don't want to knowthat as of today that if you basically qualified.  You're probably 46 or 47.
VANIA KING:  Are you telling me that?

Q.  I'm counting your points.
VANIA KING:  I have points to come off, though.

Q.  Not much, though.  Well, you lost first round here last year.
VANIA KING:  I have third round Roland Garros.  That's my biggest.

Q.  Not a ton of points.
VANIA KING:  I mean, third round Roland Garros is kind of big.  Like I said, I'm trying to worry about right now.  I feel like if I focus on my tennis and I play consistent, then I'll be able to make results.  Then I'll be able to reach my goal.
I feel like if I think too much about the Olympics, I stress too much about it, then it will just hurt me right now to be thinking too far ahead.

Q.  Do you have any hopes of getting in for doubles?
VANIA KING:  Yeah, I hope so.  But, I mean, the US has a lot of strong players obviously, so I'm trying my best to qualify by singles, because that's where I know that I have the best chance.

Q.  Playing doubles here with Groenefeld.  What's up with that?
VANIA KING:  She's in a 25 in Mexico.  Her singles ranking dropped so she couldn't get in here.  But I played with Anna before.  She's one of my best friends, and I know we're gonna have a good time and play well together.

Q.  Slava wouldn't play just for doubles?
VANIA KING:  No, I mean, she's 24, so her priority is still singles, like it's always been.  Her ranking dropped quite a bit.  I understand she needs to play smaller tournaments to get her ranking back up and start to play the bigger tournaments.
That's what everyone has to go through.

Q.  You have Kerber.  She was down 6‑1, 5‑1to Sloane.
VANIA KING:  6‑1, 5‑1?

Q.  6‑2, 5‑1.
VANIA KING:  Oh, okay.  Yeah, it hurts either way.

Q.  Exactly.  But she's talented and she's played well the last year.  Talk about that matchup.
VANIA KING:  From what I know, I mean, she fights really hard obviously.  She puts a lot of balls back in the court.  She's tricky to play because she's lefty.
I practiced with her once in Beijing.  She has a tricky serve.  Like it's deceptively good.
I'm not playing tomorrow.  I will have a chat with my coach, and I have to expect it to be a really long match, I think.

Q.  You mentioned that your coach came on court today and helped you.  Some players have started to say they're not calling coaches to help them prepare for Grand Slam events.  Have you ever thought about doing that?
VANIA KING:  There is times when I don't call my coach out and there are times when I do.  I would say most of the time in general it doesn't help.  It doesn't really affect you that much.
But like today it did.  So why not?  We have that option.

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