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March 10, 2012

Kevin Stadler


Q.  Kevin Stadler, I ask one simple question, can the putter carry you all the way to your first PGA TOUR victory?
KEVIN STADLER:  I think it's going to have to, unless something changes.  You know, I putted very well.  It was great today, for the most part this year.  I've putted a lot better than I have in the past four or five six years anyway, but felt really comfortable on these greens.

Q.  How important was the start today, obviously birdieing the first three and then four out of the first five?  What did that do to your confidence level coming in?
KEVIN STADLER:  Yeah, it was good.  Got off to a nice start.  There's some holes you can get out there early, made a nice probably 15‑footer on 1, put it right in the middle, got me off to a good start, and didn't get up‑and‑downs on the second.
And then just made a couple short holes downwind, and par‑5s, got off to a really good start.  Like to at least try to get a couple of those.  And to get a four was a very good bonus point.

Q.  Putting you in position to finish off potentially this first PGA TOUR win.  Kevin Stadler, thanks for joining us.
Outside of your putter, did you put anything into your putter on the off season?
KEVIN STADLER:  Not really.  I really don't know what to say about it.  I putted so poorly the last five, six years, and vague memories of putting like this in the past, but I putt really well when I putt in practice and it's just a different mindset I've got out there, and I feel like I'm actually going to knock them in for a change and it's happened so far.  But like I said, I've been putting pretty well for the most part of the year, making a good chunk of the four to eight‑footers that usually kind of hold me back.  But been rolling it really nicely, and I'm just actually feeling like I'm going to make putts, which is a nice change.

Q.  Now, you've been close before.  Mentally you say it's changed on your putter.  Are you ready for that next step?
KEVIN STADLER:  Yeah, absolutely.  Absolutely.  I've been out here long enough now where it's nothing I'm going to worry about tomorrow.  I'm obviously not hitting the ball the best.
I've played well here in the past where I've hit the ball just phenomenally well every day and struggled with the putter, and it's funny to be up near the top this week with the complete opposite.
But no, I'm really not going to go out there with any expectations.  If I keep doing a lot of the same and then rolling it well, who knows.

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