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March 10, 2012

Henrik Stenson


Q.  ...who do not have the pedestrian agree that you do with a couple of wins in this very important event.  How much do you think that will help you coming down the stretch here in terms of trying to win?
HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah.  I mean obviously I'm in a slightly better position than maybe some of the other guys who might be fighting for a spot to get back on the PGA TOUR or hasn't won before and so on.
But I think it's down to myself.  I'm a big event near this stage, and like you said ‑‑ like I said, I'm not feeling overly confident when I'm hitting the shots, so that's my battle at the moment.
And if I can stay patient as I've done these first couple of days and chip and putt well, I hope I get a chance tomorrow.

Q.  The rest of us will have to put the 3‑woods into a par 5.  You've been playing well lately?
HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah.  It's moving in the right direction for sure.  I mean I was really happy with my striking in Dubai.  That was like a good week, and like I said, I'm just coming back off the knee surgery early December, had a key hole surgery on my left knee.  So early on there was a lot of rehab and tough to get going, so the first two tournaments I played I was struggling to walk that many days in a row, and kind of the good thing was that I missed the cut, so I kind of got time to recover, and then in Dubai, I played five days in a row, and it felt pretty good, so that was the first time when the knee was back.
And I had some solid ball striking, but I left a lot of shots out on the course in Dubai.  I played well enough to get Top 5, Top 3, whatever.
And then at Hyundai I was maybe not as good with my striking, but I was better with my short game and putting.  And obviously these days here I've been kind of grinding it out a bit, and it's been a very mixed bag, some real poor shots and some brilliant shots and some long ones and wide ones.  So it's been a mixed bag, and good short game kind of kept it together, especially today, if I would have shot 68, 69, I would have been pretty pleased with that.  I just managed to really get the most out of my round and shoot a good number.
And I mean they set up the course to get us some chances coming in as well, 17 is forward and 18 is forward down wind, and you really want to try and get those birdies with you, and I've managed to get both of those.  And I'm in a good position and I'm going to hit the range now and try and get a little bit more stability for tomorrow, and then we'll take it from there on.

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