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March 9, 2012

Thomas Bjorn


Q.  Another 68, very different conditions, how did today's rounds compare to yesterday?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  It's solid.  I haven't made a bogey in two days.  You know, you'll take that any week.  I'm not making a big number of birdies obviously but when you can keep big mistakes off your scorecard, as I said yesterday, that's the key to this golf course.  It's very easy to make some big mistakes and it's difficult to get it back.
So I'm very pleased with the way I'm playing.  I'm delighted that I'm in the position I'm in.  And I'm just looking forward to another two days.

Q.  Can you remember the last time you opened up with two bogey‑free rounds, and how much confidence does it give you to take it to the weekend?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  No, but I don't really want it to play in my mind.  I just want to go and play golf.  It's obviously positive when I relate it to my golf that I haven't made a bogey.  But I'm just delighted that I've come off a back injury after the last two weeks and can go out and play and keep it together.

Q.  In some way, do you want the wind to blow over the weekend?  You seem to handle those conditions probably better than anyone else?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Without it being ridiculous, yeah.  I think that's, you know, I think that's the way this golf course should be played.  It becomes a little bit of a birdie fest if there's no wind, so it needs to be a little bit tricky.  There needs to be the odd hole here and there that's very, very difficult.  So you know, just keeps your attention all the time.  So we'll see what happens.

Q.  Have you ever been close to any bogeys or is it pretty much all greens in regulation?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  No, of course, you have.  Over 36 holes, you're going to hit the off shot here but the short game has saved me a couple of times and I've just never put myself in a ridiculous position.  That's the good thing.

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