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March 9, 2012

Peter Hanson


Q.  Eagle at 1, nice birdie run there on 9, 11 and 12.  Tell us about it.
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, it was nice.  I started at No. 10 so nice to get off to a quick start, a couple of birdies, and made another birdie on 14 and then dropped a shot on the tough last hole here, 18, but bounced right back with an eagle on 1 and birdie on 2.  It was one of those days, I drove the ball well and gave myself plenty of chances out there.

Q.  Give us an idea of the confidence level as you head to the weekend now, right in the thick of this fight for this championship.
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, it's nice.  Nice to get a low one today, Friday, and tomorrow as we know, moving day.  If the wind stays like it was today, we are going to see some more low scores.  Bubba shot 62, so there probably are a few low ones out there.  You just have to keep your foot on the gas and try to go forward.

Q.  So when you come out and notice that the wind and the weather conditions may be not as severe as round one, do you immediately make that mental note, you've got to go after it today, that kind of thing?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, definitely, it gets your attention right away when you see people on the board throwing birdies up, you really feel that you have to play aggressive and you have to make a lot of birdies.
I think it's going to be the same thing over the weekend.  The golf course is playing very nice and a little bit softer after the rain this morning.  So if you strike the ball well and find some of these fairways, you are going to give yourself some really good chances.

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