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March 9, 2012

Keegan Bradley


Q.  An interesting person to talk to about Doral, because your swing coach is Jim McClean, he has a school of golf over behind us on the range and on Monday and Wednesday during the practice rounds, Jim not only walked with you, but he shared a few notes would you.  Can you share them with us?
KEEGAN  BRADLEY:  Jim is a great teacher as everybody knows, but he knows this course very well and he gave me an outline of each hole and he charted the greens for me.  So it was a nice way to come into the tournament.

Q.  How important is it for you to have that close connection with your swing coach, no matter where you're playing.
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  It's huge.  Jim is a great guy, but also a great coach and he helps me with strategy and everything that goes along with playing a tournament.

Q.  Five early birdies through eight holes, looked like you could have done something special.  What was going on on the back nine?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I played great on the back nine.  Just kind of couldn't get it going.  Didn't make any putts.

Q.¬† This course at Doral, it's a course that the wind, it's not ever‑changing but it's going up‑and‑down and it laid down coming in.¬† How about playing 17 and 18 with hardly any wind but still blowing six or seven miles an hour; feel like you were playing indoors?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, it was a nice break playing the last couple of holes with a little wind.  It was still blowing a little bit but it was nice to come in and it was a much easier hole.

Q.  How long have you been with Jim McClean?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I've been with Jim for the last three years, ever since I turned pro.  I worked with my dad before that.  He's really helped me out a lot.

Q.  You're in good position through two rounds, just talk about that as you're at heading into the weekend.
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I'm a good spot for sure.  I played very well today and I look forward to the weekend.  I'm in a great spot, I love this golf course, and looks like we have got some good weather, too.

Q.¬† 5‑under on the front, but even on the back, any frustration with that or is that just the way the course is playing?
KEEGAN  BRADLEY:  Yeah, a little bit.  I played well.  I had a chance to do something really good, but it's not like I played bad on the back.  Just things kind of didn't come together like they did on the front.

Q.  After Sunday, you were in great position going into Sunday, 73; any thoughts back on what happened there?
KEEGAN  BRADLEY:  Yeah, I just didn't play my best golf that day.  But I learn a lot every Sunday, especially when you're in contention, and I want to put myself there every week I can; so I'm glad to be back here.

Q.  Playing this course for the first time, this has to be a different experience; to be in contention, is this beyond your expectations?
KEEGAN¬† BRADLEY:¬† Not really‑‑ it is, I'm very happy but it, but I'm looking to be in contention as many times as I tee it up.¬† It's good, I am happy with the way I played, just because it's my first time, but I really enjoy the course and love it.

Q.  A quick question about Dustin Johnson, you played a recent practice round with him at Augusta.  What's his game like?
KEEGAN  BRADLEY:  Dustin hits it very long, very straight.  No real weakness in his game.  He does everything pretty well, pretty annoying to play a match against if he's on the other team.  He's a great player and will be around obviously for a long time.

Q.  Who got the better of whom?
KEEGAN  BRADLEY:  Augusta got the better of me, that's for sure.

Q.¬† What do you do from a health perspective to stay fit; a lot of torque on the right‑handed hitters on the left knee.¬† What do you do from a physical standpoint to stay on top of?
KEEGAN  BRADLEY:  I do a lot of stretching with a guy named Chris Ferna (ph) just up the road here he helps me out a lot and keeps me loose and that's kind of what keeps me healthy I think.

Q.¬† Bubba said that this course doesn't fit his game, which is kind of amazing, since he was 10‑under today.¬† Does this course fit your game?
KEEGAN  BRADLEY:  Yeah, I think it fits Bubba's game, too.  But I love the golf course.  It's a very, very good course.  It suits my game very well, a lot of draws.  I love it.  I love playing this course.  I wish we could play courses like this every week.

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