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March 9, 2012

Adam Scott


JOHN BUSH:  A double bogey on the card but nice bounce back.  Just talk about the round as a whole. .
ADAM SCOTT:  Thanks, John.
JOHN BUSH:  You're welcome.
ADAM SCOTT:  It was a good back nine for sure.  I was playing nice, and I had a bit of a mental error, and on the 8th hole, making double, didn't really need that.  But came back well and played a solid back nine and made four really good putts for birdie.
It was still tough to really hit the ball close.  I didn't feel like I gave myself the yardages to go at it, so played away to 20 feet and I made some good putts.
So you know, the putter kind of kept me in it today.

Q.  Getting hot like that, that brings a lot of confidence going forward; you know that you don't have to go right at those pins and you're still making those birdies?
ADAM SCOTT:¬† Yeah, the putting stroke feels really good. Obviously yesterday it was on fire there for a few holes.¬† I think I only had 24 putts yesterday.¬† When it's like that, you need to take advantage of it, but you can also be a little safer with your shots in and not risk short‑siding yourself, especially in the rough here.
So I did that well on the back nine today, because I really needed some birdies to get myself, or keep myself, within touch of these guys posting low ones.

Q.  When you had the double, that was right amongst where Rosey and Bubba were flying ahead.  How do you keep yourself in that moment to not just sort of give away a bit; because you fought back really well from there.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, you know, you can't let it bother you too much.  I knew I had 10 and 12 that were reachable par 5s there, so you know, I knew I was going to hopefully give myself some good chances.
I believed I was playing well, and you know, just have to stay patient and you can't force it.  Things like that happen.  You work hard, so you hope they don't.  But inevitably, they do.  It's a tough course not to make any mistakes on.

Q.  Two back into the weekend, though, still a really good position to be in; how do you see it panning out?  Are you going to need to have a real low one, or do you think a couple of medium low ones will be enough?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, it was still windy today and there were a lot of low scores, so I think there's going to be low scores tomorrow, for sure.
Wind might get back up again on Sunday they say, so you know, it could be a low one tomorrow and we are going to have to get into the high teens to be in contention at the end of Sunday.

Q.¬† How proud are you of your finish, given the fact that you were looking at a four‑ or five‑shot deficit, and now it's only a couple?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, it's what I needed to do. I feel like I'm playing too good to be six back after two days, is how I felt coming on to the 13th tee, so you know, you've just got to putt your head down and make the most of it.  I was really only looking for two, but hit a lot of good shots and gave myself looks at it.
Like I said, I was putting, I felt, the stroke, really nice.  So from 20 feet, I was really giving myself a good chance of holing it.  And managed to do that.  So I've set myself up for a good look at tomorrow.

Q.  The course didn't look like it was bearing its teeth as much as it was yesterday.
ADAM SCOTT:  No, definitely not.  The wind was probably, what, ten miles an hour less, or 15, even.  It's gettable.  I mean, 62 and 64s didn't quite see that, but you know, it's a strong field, and everyone's hungry for it at the moment I think.
Played well again today, just had a bit of a hiccup on the 8th hole but managed to hang in there and stayed patient.  I knew I was playing well and made four good birdies on the back nine coming in.  I felt I was playing good enough to be back in the tournament and not finish back at even par today and leave myself a lot of work to do.

Q.  14 of 18 greens, you must feel very confident with your ball striking and your play from that point on?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, yeah, I'm swinging the club really well.  Like I said yesterday, you know, I really felt I freed it up last week on the range, and I took that out there yesterday, maybe not quite as crisp today, but still it was very good.  I hit a lot of good shots and giving myself lots of opportunities.

Q.  Not a lot of birdies on the 18th hole.  Take us through the process of the 18th, and you rolled it in for birdie, as well.
ADAM SCOTT:¬† My driver was on a tight line.¬† I hit it good and hard but it was down that left side of the fairway.¬† Just wanted to make sure I got one good bounce straight and that was left towards the water, it did, it carried far enough.¬† I only had a 7‑iron in, and hit a really nice shot on a safe line.¬† The putter was really swinging nice on the back nine.¬† So another good rhythm on that putt on 18, rolled it in, bonus.

Q.  Give us an idea about your excitement level heading into the weekend just two back.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, right where I want to be.  The guys shot some unbelievably good scores out there today, so I knew on that back nine as I was kind of falling a long way behind, I needed to step it up and I was happy the putter really came through for me.
Tomorrow I'm just going to have to be really sharp, because there's no doubt again there are going to be low scores out there, so I'm going to need to shoot in the 60s somewhere.

Q.  A 66 and now 68, what was the difference?
ADAM SCOTT:  Probably the double on the 8th.  Didn't really need that.  But I recovered well.  Saw some great scores being posted out there so I needed a good back nine today.

Q.  You had your tonsils out in December and this is only your third start this calendar year, so is there some rust in your game or are you okay with where you are right now?
ADAM SCOTT:  I'm very happy with where I am.  There was certainly some rust but the last couple of weeks have been really good.  Last week felt really good on the range and it was nice I could bring that out to the course this week.

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