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March 9, 2012

Langston Galloway

Phil Martelli


St. Bonaventure – 76
St. Joseph’s – 68

COACH MARTELLI:  There was a loose ball recovery, there was a flurry in the first half where we had a lead and then there were some loose balls, a ball bounced twice on the top of the backboard, they recovered it, we didn't.  We were playing in the second half and we did a great job defensively, broke the ball loose and we didn't recover it.  So to me, loose ball recovery, really, a one‑possession game.
That will be what eats away at us as we go home tonight and regroup again tomorrow.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions?

Q.  Phil, talk about Nicholson today.  It looked like you had three different defenders that you used on him and he had an outstanding game.
COACH MARTELLI:  Our game plan was we were going to for everything that we had, we threw at him, and there was one wrinkle that we had in but they didn't present that set to us.  A lot of credit to Mark Schmidt because we have a lot of ways of getting him in the action.  They have a lot of different cross‑screen actions, you know, they pop him out, so wonderful player, he's a great representative for the league and he's a good player but the coach deserves credit because of how they feature him.

Q.  Coach, can you talk about this loss and obviously you coming to this tournament knowing you need to do damage to make an impression upon the NCAA Tournament Committee.
COACH MARTELLI:  It had nothing to do with our preparation.  We wanted to play tomorrow, that's all.  We just wanted to play tomorrow and see how, you know, things would play out.  But these players have never heard NCAA, they have never heard "bubble" they've just heard about what we talked about since August, win.
Our intention was to win today and then let everything else take care of itself.  This hurts.  It hurts.  You know, we get a break here we'll continue to play basketball and that would be great for these guys because we have a lot to work on and we have a lot to work with.
But I don't have any‑‑ like the implication for the NCAA Tournament, that had nothing to do with this game for us.

Q.  Phil, could you talk about the rebound differential and what impact it had in this game?
COACH MARTELLI:  If the first half they were much more aggressive, the big, young fellow, Ndoye had a big first half, I think it was 21‑10 at the half.  In the first half it seemed to me we had not learned our lesson from the first game but if we're going to walk out of here‑‑ I don't think it was rebounding, I think it was loose ball recovery, like there were balls that were broken loose and we didn't end up with the ball when we needed it.

Q.  Phil, how much do you think it hurt and you helped them just that last week you had them on the ropes a couple of different times, they ended up coming back, today the game was that close at the end where they had that to go back on and they were able to pull that game out.  How much that might mean for confidence?
COACH MARTELLI:  I don't know, I don't know about where they are.  It wasn't like we had second thoughts, calling it the way it is.  Last week they made field goals to catch us and today a guy decided to blow his whistle on every possession and that's how they scored their points at the end of the game.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Langston?

Q.  The last two plays, Longston was called for a charge and you didn't seem to be happy with either of those‑‑
COACH MARTELLI:  No, no, no, you just establish the way you're going to call the game.  The same guy passed on a charge, C.J. took a charge on Nicholson, in my opinion you then loose the right to call that later in the game, that's all.  The play at the end, I think, was probably a forced play, Tay had a good feeling in the second half but I wasn't upset about that call at the end, no.

Q.  Langston, you heard the coach talk about this one hurts, you're in the game the entire time and you come up short against the same team in less than two weeks' time.
LANGSTON GALLOWAY:  It's definitely tough, we couldn't capitalize on the little things, last week it was rebounding, this week it was a loose ball recovery.  It came down to the little things and we didn't capitalize on it, that's why we lost.

Q.  Could you get us through what you were trying to do that last play?
COACH MARTELLI:  We were looking for the same play that we had run the sometime before.  And then Langston when we threw it down would have the ball in the center of the floor.  The first time we had it and maybe there was overpenetration, I would have to look and see what happened there and the second time I think Tay saw daylight when he turned the corner.
 I think retrospectively had we gone quicker‑‑ we didn't go as quick as I wanted us to go, and everything in this offense was the next pass, we had to make the next pass in this game.  For the most part we did do that and those last two possessions it didn't go our way.

Q.  Langston, could you talk about the play at the end where you were called for the charge?  Take us through that play and what transpired there.
LANGSTON GALLOWAY:  When I came off the screen I thought I had the lane once I got past my man and I should have pulled up but I went too far and they called a charge.
I didn't think it was a charge because he was a little late, but they called a charge on me.

Q.  Phil, how difficult was it to play defense against Nicholson the way the game was called.  It looked like a tough task.
COACH MARTELLI:  No, I don't think it had anything to do with it.  His skill is more than anything else.  I don't think there was any kind of nickel and diming in terms of referring.  No, I don't think that made it difficult to guard him, so I don't look at it that way.

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