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March 9, 2012

Matt Jones


Q.  The leader, Matt Jones.  Great playing out there.  It's been a good couple of days.
MATT JONES:  It has.  I've been putting really well and chipping unbelievably well right now.  So seems to be doing good.

Q.  You said yesterday was better than today, although the score card looked almost exactly the same.  You didn't make a bogey today, five birdies.  That's good.  What was the difference?
MATT JONES:¬† My ball striking was much better yesterday, I think.¬† I missed a few greens today, didn't get up‑and‑downs every time, which was the difference yesterday.
I hit the ball pin high nearly every hole which made it a lot easier yesterday.

Q.  How tough was the wind out there this morning?
MATT JONES:  There wasn't very much wind at all.  It started to kick up maybe around the 8th, 9th hole, but compared to yesterday, I didn't really feel it.

Q.  Did you see this coming?  I mean you've been sort of in that tough category, not knowing when you're getting in, and here you are taking advantage of one of your few starts so far this year?
MATT JONES:  I'm used to it.  I've played out of this category multiple years out here, so I look at it as a positive because it makes me focus on the tournaments I have to play in, where if you get into it a rut out here knowing you've got a tournament to play next week and you can take a week off mentally.  So it makes you stay focused, and hopefully it works this week.

Q.  You've mentioned you have been in this category a couple of times.  You've played your way out of it.  You've played your way back into it.  There's always a little bit of an unknown in professional golf.  For you it's been a big unknown.  How do you deal with that?
MATT JONES:  Just keep working hard.  I work hard at my golf game, been improving my putting which is the big difference this week.  My putting was terrible last year and that's why I'm in this situation right now, but I actually fixed it last week and it's coming along nicely.

Q.  It's always nice when you fix something like that.  So you have 36 more holes to go here.  What will be your focus?  You never know what the wind is going to do here.  You never know how tough it's going to play from day to day until you get there.  So mentally how do you get yourself ready for that?
MATT JONES:  Growing up in Australia we're used to playing in the wind.  It's nothing uncommon, and I actually more often than not, I enjoy playing in the wind because it makes you not worry about score so much.  You worry about hitting the shots one shot at a time, and you play a little smarter where I can get sometimes a bit aggressive where sometimes there's no wind.  So I think I find the wind sometimes helps me.

Q.  It's been a quiet year for the Aussies.  What's going on with you guys?
MATT JONES:  I think Adam had a good day yesterday, and I had a good day this week, good start this week.
I don't know.  I'm sure we'll come back.  Don't worry.  Just give it some time.

Q.  I'm not the least bit worried.  I had (Luke Elby) on the show the other day, and what a great guy he is, and I mentioned boy, an Aussie could win the Masters.  And he said like, don't tease me.  He said if an Aussie won the Masters, he would be a national hero of proportion that Australia may have never seen before?
MATT JONES:¬† Yeah.¬† We've been waiting a long time for an Aussie to win the Masters.¬† We've had our chances with a couple of players.¬† It'll be ‑‑ all the Australians get up to watch that golf tournament every year.¬† I remember as a kid growing up we'd wake up ‑‑ I don't know what time it was in the morning, 3, 4 in the morning and you'd wake up to watch the golf.¬† So hopefully one day, hopefully this year an Australian can get there and all the rest of the Aussies will cheer the guys on.

Q.  No doubt about that.  Let's talk about this tournament here.  This is a unique week.  Are you staying here on property?
MATT JONES:  I am.  Yes, just done the fairway on the last nine.

Q.  It's very nice.  They do such a fabulous job.  There are very few tournaments where all the players stay, all the caddies stay in one place and have a great feel, don't they?
MATT JONES:  It does.  You go down to the bar and have a beer.  All the players and all the caddies are down there.  It's nice.  You can chat to them about your round and stuff.  It's a good time.

Q.  They treat you pretty well here, too, don't they?
MATT JONES:  Oh, yes.  We get treated very well.

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