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March 8, 2012

Thomas Bjorn


Q.  Was it daunting for you?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  I think when you wake up on a day like this when it's this windy, you know that you have to play solid golf and keep the big mistakes off the scorecard.  That's the crucial part, and I did that today.  I played pretty solid and holed my putts, and then you get one of those rounds where things just go your way, but you know that the conditions look like they are going to be this every day, so you're going to have a day where it's going to be a struggle and a hard‑working today.
But today was one of the easier ones in these conditions.

Q.  All of your peers continually talk about the quality of your game, your ball‑striking and all of the aspects of your game that come together when you're playing well; is that something that breeds confidence in you when you go out and know that other players are going to struggle?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Well, I think experience will tell you that when it's tough, there's only one thing to do, and that's work hard.  You throw everything out the window, all technique and all things that sometimes go into this game and just go and work hard.  That's the only way to get around.
I feel comfortable doing that.  I feel that I can go out on the golf course and work my way around the golf course.  The only thing that's, as I said before, keep those big mistakes away.  That's crucial on days like this, because it's so difficult to get them back.  And when you have days like this where you don't make any bogeys in these conditions, you've got to walk off the golf course very happy.

Q.  And the first round is not always crucial in a tournament, but it looks like the conditions this week are going to be a bit like this; how important was it to get off to a good start?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Funny, these World Golf Championships, because you can very easily play yourself out of it the first and second day, and you just want to be in there.  You can't really‑‑ they are tough golf courses and you can't force it but you want to be in there when it goes and it's very easy to play yourself out of it on the first day.

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