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March 8, 2012

Kristy Curry

Casey Morris

Monique Smalls


Baylor 72
Texas Tech 48

THE MODERATOR:  We're now joined by Texas Tech Lady Raiders.  Coach, your thoughts about this afternoon's game.
COACH CURRY:  Just credit Baylor.  They had an outstanding effort today, in all facets, were able to get great bench play.  On a day like today, you have to give them credit and take your hat off to them and move forward.
THE MODERATOR:  We'll take questions for our student‑athletes first and let them go back to the locker room.

Q.  What was so tough with their defense?  What made them so tough to score on today?
CASEY MORRIS:  It was us not making shots.  Credit to Baylor, but we're going to keep working forward and get in the gym and shoot and get ready in the off‑season for the next season to come.

Q.  What's it going to take, Casey‑‑ or Monique.  Whoever wants to answer.  What's it going to take to beat this?  Somebody beat them in the next three weeks.
CASEY MORRIS:  We should have beat them.  We were going to be the ones to beat them.  I don't think they can.  It's possible.  Like Coach Curry said, they're a good team.  I don't think we doubt ourselves when it comes to beating Baylor.  We had not the best shooting game, but like I said, we're just going to build off of it, and I think it's possible to beat them as a team.
MONIQUE SMALLS:  That's like the only way you can do it.  You need aggressiveness and pride.  Just got to come out thinking you're going to win.  You can't come out there thinking you're just going to lose.
And I mean you also need to have a good shooting game, good rebounding game, and this team is beatable.  Everybody is beatable.

Q.  Mo, can you talk about the season as a whole here?  You guys had the two wins in the last week here.  A little momentum.  You guys are going to have a postseason.  What's the takeaway of the season?  What do you guys want to see over the next few weeks?
MONIQUE SMALLS:  We took away.  We're going to learn, see what we did wrong.  Work on things we need to work on during the week or whatever.  And for postseason, it's the championship.  It's not the championship that we wanted, but it's the championship that right now we're put in, and we're going to try to get it.
THE MODERATOR:  Anything more for our student‑athletes before we let them return to the locker room?

Q.  Mo, you guys did a pretty good job on Griner overall tonight, it seemed like, and held her in the first half pretty well.  With so many other weapons that they have, how tough is this team to defend?
MONIQUE SMALLS:  I wouldn't say they're tough to defend.  I really feel like we didn't come out playing as good as we know we should have.  But credit to Baylor.  They had a good game.  We had a bad shooting half.  It happens.
THE MODERATOR:  Ladies, thank you very much.  Congratulations on a great season.  Best of luck in the postseason.  Question for Coach.

Q.  Kristy, if you'd talk about that too, what you guys did with Brittney this game, and how tough it is when Odyssey plays the game she does.
COACH CURRY:  I think it's their supporting cast that makes them the number one team in the country and a 6'8" anchor inside.  They've got a great balance across the board, and their supporting cast is playing really well.
We've been fortunate enough to have them miss some shots and do a better job with making sure that, once she's caught, we didn't allow them to get shots in the paint, to get shots over the top.  Today their supporting cast did a great job of getting in the heart of the defense.
I'm sure that's something that they've worked on.  You've kind of got to pick and choose.  I don't think you can let her be your entire focal point.  You've got to have great balance not only on the offensive end, but the defensive end.  We just today weren't able to do a good job and find enough spots to pick and choose where they missed some shots.

Q.  You guys were hanging around, 27‑16, 3:53 to go in the half, and they go 13‑0, and all of a sudden, it's 40‑16.  Let's just talk about what's going on.  Did they turn it up defensively, or did you guys not execute the way they wanted?
COACH CURRY:  You've got to come out and make shots and be aggressive.  I felt like we were going east and west and not rim to rim or north to south.  Once again, you have someone bank it in from left court.  There's a little luck involved too.
Not only were they good today, but they were lucky in some spots, and that's hard to defend right there.

Q.  Kristy, what for you is sort of‑‑ how do you approach sort of the end of the season?  What's the takeaway for you?  Obviously, not where you guys wanted to be.
COACH CURRY:  Win the next one.  As Mo said it, I think she said it best when you're talking about what to learn in the game, I think she understood it very clearly.
We have a chance to win a championship and turn the situation into the most positive outcome we can, and that's what it's about right now and continue to grow and improve and have the moment in 2012/'13 and get better.

Q.  Kierra played one minute in the second half, Kierra had two good games coming into this.  What did you see from her tonight?
COACH CURRY:  I'm sorry.  What was that?

Q.  Kierra played one minute in the second half.  She had two good games going into this.  What did you see from her tonight?
COACH CURRY:  We just went with a different lineup.  Coach's decision.
THE MODERATOR:  Okay, Coach.  Best of luck postseason.  Nice to see you, Kristy.

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