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March 8, 2012

Adam Scott


Q.  Talk about your round today?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I think this is the kind of start of the year for me still.
So I've been working hard on my game and certainly there's always that transition from taking your range game and your playing at home on your home course to actually then playing in a tournament.  I think, you know, just took me a few rounds to get adjusted.  I played nicely in L.A. but was not super sharp.  And practiced really well last week and so felt confident coming here.
I like playing here.  I like this golf course.  I had a good result last year.  I've kind of got myself around the place a couple times in this tournament, so I felt like I could get out there and get right in amongst it.

Q.  What about having Steve along with you?  Steve has had an awful lot of success over the years?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, look, that's a big help now, almost every course we play, Steve has had success at.  So he has quite a good understanding of these golf courses and what it takes to win around them.  So I really do feel that is a benefit to me.

Q.  Five birdies and an eagle, did you have any trouble with the wind?
ADAM SCOTT:  The first few holes I drove the ball beautifully.  I drove the ball right down the middle of every hole, and when you are in the fairway on a day like today, you get a chance to hit it somewhere near the hole, give yourself an opportunity.  If you're in the rough, it's very hard to even just hit the green, let alone give yourself a chance.  I took advantage of the good shots early on, and then, you know, battled my way in from there.

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