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March 7, 2012

Tad Boyle

Carlon Brown

Andre Roberson


Colorado ¬Ė 53
Utah ¬Ė 41

THE MODERATOR:  Coach, some opening remarks, please?
COACH BOYLE:  Well, we didn't play our best basketball.  I know we set the game back a little bit tonight.  I think it was an ugly game.  I'm sure it was an ugly one to watch, but we grinded it out.  We did what we had to do to win a game.
Our program is predicated on defense and rebounding.¬† Our defense, I thought, won us the game tonight.¬† I thought in the first half, especially, we got some stops that led to some lay‑ups.¬† Carlon got a dock.¬† Andr√© got a dock in transition.¬† When you're not making shots in the half-court,¬† you have to hopefully manufacture things off your defense.¬† I thought we did that in the first half to get us going.
But we never got in a rhythm offensively all night.  It was kind of an ugly win, but we'll take it and move on.  I'm really proud of these guys for doing what they had to do.
I thought Carlon made some plays in the second half and André was terrific all night.  We don't win the game without these two guys.  So with that we'll take questions.

Q.  Thoughts on the third meeting with Oregon?  They've been two pretty good games.
COACH BOYLE:¬† They've been great games.¬† We're going to have to obviously play better tomorrow night than we did tonight.¬† There is no question in my mind that we will.¬† But Oregon's a good team.¬† We played them just recently last week up at their place.¬† It was a high‑level basketball game.¬† Two teams kind of going toe to toe.¬† They made in shots and got hot in the second half.
We're looking forward to an opportunity to play them again.  They're a very good program with some good players.  Our guys will be ready to go.  Hopefully we've got all of our missed shots and bad stuff out of our system tonight, because we're going to have to play better against the ducks tomorrow.  There is no question that we will.

Q.¬† In the last two games against Oregon can you say that the atmosphere and home‑field advantage could tip it for both sides?¬† With no crowd at all at Staples Center, it's a no home‑field advantage.¬† Do you feel your talent and speed is going to be enough to beat Oregon?
COACH BOYLE:  We have to play well.  There is no question in my mind that we've got good enough players to do that.  But Oregon, Devoe Joseph, is playing very, very well right now, and we have to make sure we get to him and Singler and Sim.  They went small on us at their place.  So we may have to play a small lineup at times.
But it's going to be a heck of a game.¬† I like our match‑ups, and we've got them at our place, they've got us at their place.¬† So it should be a heck of a game.¬† Looking forward to it.

Q.  André, why do you play so well against Utah?
ANDR√Č ROBERSON:¬† I don't know.¬† It's kind of a hard question to answer.¬† I just go out there and play my game, trying to get these seniors where they need to be.

Q.  You broke Burdie Haldorson's record for single season rebounding tonight.  What's that mean to you?
ANDR√Č ROBERSON:¬† It means a lot, but I'm not really into all the individual praise.¬† I'm worried about the team first.

Q.  André, could you talk about advantage or disadvantage playing a team again just a week later?  Any advantage playing tonight when they had to sit out or do they have the advantage of being rested?
ANDR√Č ROBERSON:¬† I feel like we kind of have an advantage, getting one game out of our system.¬† They're playing their first game against us.¬† So I feel like we have the upper hand, and I feel like our team will be ready to go.

Q.  André, at least the individual records say you could do something.  Would you say the size you have and the talent to rebound will give you an advantage over Oregon?  You played them last week.  Do you see anything from them that could actually deter you from that?
ANDR√Č ROBERSON:¬† No, I really don't see anything.¬† As long as we go out there, or I go out there and compete as a team and play hard and execute Coach Boyle's game plan, I feel we have a good shot at beating them.

Q.  Carlon, your coach said that you guys were off a little bit offensively.  What was the cause of that?  Was it opening round, opening night, nerves?
CARLON BROWN:  I don't know how to pinpoint it necessarily.  I just know that we missed some easy shots under the rim.  We missed a couple of free throws, I know myself in particular, and we just didn't have a flow.  So we built this program on defensive rebounding and really stuck to it tonight.  It really helped us throughout the whole game.
Without that, we wouldn't have won.  Some days it's going to be ugly.  Some days we're going to be hot, but today just wasn't one of those days.

Q.  Through the first three games that preceded yours the crowd was not into it, shall we say.  As you guys as players, how did you feel the CU crowd?  Did they boo you at all during today's game?
CARLON BROWN:  The crowd always helps.  We have a great crowd and fan base in this conference.  So hearing the home cheers and knowing we have support, it feel goods and gives us energy and emotion to strive off of.  So we're glad our athletic department brought them out.
COACH BOYLE:¬† I'd like to echo that.¬† I think Mike Bohn is a wonderful athletic director.¬† He's committed not only to the student‑athletes, but committed to the students at the University of Colorado.¬† To bring 50 of our students out on a charter flight and to pick up their bill the way he's doing it says a lot about him and his leadership ability.
So we appreciate what he does for us.  We try to remind our guys that we're playing for the entire Buff Nation up and down the west coast and certainly back in Colorado.

Q.¬† Talk about the significance of following up your 24‑win season last year with 20 wins in this new league that you're in?
COACH BOYLE:¬† Well, I told these guys and we've been talking about it for a couple weeks now that we have an opportunity to leave a legacy, and this team has done that.¬† I think you have to look at the history of Colorado basketball going back 111 years.¬† It's never had 20‑win back‑to‑back seasons, which is amazing.
Both these guys were part of two teams that did that.  It's not something we talked about when the season started.  It's not something we talked about as the season went.  But certainly as we kind of got around that 17, 18, 19 number, we laid it out there as a challenge.
So that is something that these guys can take with them, our seniors, especially.  Hopefully we can set standards for years to come for future teams to hopefully raise the bar at Colorado in terms of Colorado basketball.
So I'm really proud of our players for being a part of that.

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