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March 4, 2012

Sugar Rodgers

Terri Williams-Flournoy


West Virginia テや 39
Georgetown テや 32

THE MODERATOR:テつ Joining us from Georgetown is head coach.テつ Coach, an opening statement, please?
COACH WILLIAMS‑FLOURNOY: テつYes, I thought it was a very good defensive game all around, both on Georgetown's side as well as West Virginia's side.テつ Definitely an offensive struggle even with the score being at 15‑12 at halftime.
I thought my team still played extremely hard.テつ I thought we'd continue to do exactly what we do.テつ I never thought we'd lose the game.テつ I knew eventually once we hit some shots we'd be in the game and we'd win.

Q.テつ Coach, looking at the first half, I think Sugar hit four of the shots.テつ But you went in the locker room only down three.テつ I'm thinking it couldn't have been a lot worse in your mind.テつ You had a chance and shots would fall eventually.テつ What was the mindset coming out of the half?テつ How frustrating was it that shots just never seemed to get down?
COACH WILLIAMS‑FLOURNOY:テつ It was the same mindset I went into what I just said I knew once we hit some shots.テつ So we went into halftime, gave them confidence, told them shoot the ball with confidence.テつ The shots were there, that they would fall, and we'd be in the game.テつ There was just no doubt.テつ I never thought that the shots would not fall.

Q.テつ Sugar, can you talk about the defense they played on you?テつ Once the shots weren't falling for Georgetown, it seemed they got even tighter on you and made it that much more difficult?
SUGAR RODGERS:テつ We got open shots.テつ I just felt, like Coach said, we just couldn't put the ball in the basket.

Q.テつ Coach, you've coached a lot of games so far in your career.テつ If you look at the stat sheet and saw West Virginia 39 points, shot 25%, with 9 of 24 from the free‑throw line.テつ Missed 7 in a row in the last minute.テつ Was it mind‑boggling that you guys didn't come out on top?
COACH WILLIAMS‑FLOURNOY:テつ It's mind‑boggling that we didn't hit shots.テつ Because, like I just said, I knew we'd win the game with them shooting like that.テつ If we would just finally hit some shots.テつ If a basket would just fall, it would give them the confidence that they needed to continue to shoot.
We played defense.テつ We forced them into 22 turnovers.テつ We rebounded with them.テつ We did everything defensively that we needed to do.
Dunning and Bussie didn't hurt us inside even with us being undersized.テつ You look at the stat sheets from the top up to West Virginia, if you see Georgetown scores, it's totally different.

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