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March 1, 2012

Justin Rose


Q.¬† Good finish today, 4‑under, take us through the emotions of making a double on 2 and getting it right back on 3?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Well, I guess the key was there were not any emotions to the double.  That was the key to the eagle.  Obviously it was so early in the round; it was one poor swing.  It was a tee shot that required a draw, and I tried to really commit to it.  I've been losing a couple tee shots to the right and that's what happened there.
Yeah, didn't let it affect me obviously.  Came back from there, played really, really nicely the rest of the day.  Holed a couple nice putts on front nine but really had a lot of chances on the back nine to take it a little deeper but overall great start to the tournament.

Q.  When players of your calibre get lift, clean and place, you can shoot better numbers; but how does your score relate to what the conditions were like out there?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† It was a good score because this golf course is never easy, but if there was ever a day to go low, this is it.¬† The wind was fairly calm all day really, five‑ to ten‑mile‑an‑hour breeze.¬† And they are soft greens, too.
So with soft greens and ball in the hand, the course is there for the taking.  But saying, that the rough is thick, so you have to hit it in the fairway.  You only get an advantage with ball in the hand if you hit in the fairway.  So definitely a big advantage if you're playing well.

Q.  Coming off a 13th at Northern Trust; and at the Match Play, tied for 33rd there, what's the state of your game now?  What have you been working on?  What's the confidence level?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† Game's really good.¬† I think 18 holes¬Ė 72-hole stroke-play right now around a tough course, I fancy my chances.¬† Feel like it's shaping up pretty good tee‑to‑green.¬† I feel very comfortable with things, and short game is working its way around.¬† I had some time off but that's when you begin to get back that competitive sharpness, and that's coming.

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