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February 25, 2012

Jenny Shin


MIKE SCANLAN:  We would like to welcome Jenny Shin, one of three co‑leaders after the third round here in Singapore.  If you would, just talk about your day.  You shot 71 and you stayed in contention.  Tell us about it.
JENNY SHIN:  Today was pretty slow I think.  One bogey, two birdies on the back nine.  I didn't hit my shots that great throughout the round.  So I was able to stay patient and hopefully get a shot within ten feet and have a chance to make a birdie, and I did on the last hole.
MIKE SCANLAN:  Just talk about going into tomorrow, not a position you've been in on the LPGA yet.  But just take us through your emotions, what you think you'll do tonight to prepare, and then tomorrow morning, as well.
JENNY SHIN:  Today I wasn't too nervous during the round, except for the last putt.  But I feel like‑‑ I can feel some nerves coming in for tomorrow just because all three of us are, you know, in the same position.  I don't think I'll be doing much, just rest and eat the right food, if I don't get sick.  Yeah, not much.
MIKE SCANLAN:  How far was your birdie putt on 18.
JENNY SHIN:  It was about four feet, three and a half.

Q.  Your caddie is back?
JENNY SHIN:  Yeah, my caddie is back.

Q.  Why did you change caddies during the round?
JENNY SHIN:  That kind of a thing doesn't really bother me.  I really like the caddie that I have right now.  So, you know, I want him back as soon as possible.
He helps me throughout the round for communications, and we get along pretty well.  So you know, that really helps throughout the round when I'm having a slow day like today.  So, yeah, I didn't mind that at all.

Q.  You're 19, and the other players are over 30 or 30; do you think your age or inexperience is going to come into play tomorrow?
JENNY SHIN:  Maybe.  Like I said, I've never been in this position, so I wouldn't know.  But hopefully not.  I hope that doesn't come into play.  I'm just going to stay calm and stay patient like I did today.  So, no, I don't think so.

Q.  Are you a calm person and can you give us an example of how calm you are in everyday life?
JENNY SHIN:  I am the complete opposite of calm.  I'm very outgoing; I'm loud, I'm always singing, dancing.  That's so not me.
I don't really, I always say to myself, I don't know why I started golf, because the personality doesn't fit me at all.  But I've learned to stay calm.  I have a psychologist with me that helps me calm my nerves and stay in, you know, one emotion the whole round.
So no, during my regular life, I am the complete opposite.

Q.  Talk about the birdie on the last.  How important was that going into tomorrow's round?
JENNY SHIN:  Very important.  I wasn't nervous all day except for that putt; that's how important it was.  Score didn't really matter to me.  I was just happy that I got more than one birdie in the round.
So I was just satisfied with the shot that I had and the putt that I had, not‑‑ I wasn't too concerned about the scores and where I am positioned.

Q.  Do you think tomorrow the person who wins will be the person who is steady throughout the round or do you think someone is going to shoot a low score or come from behind to win?
JENNY SHIN:  Yeah, Yani Tseng has been doing that quite a lot of times.  So many players below me have the potential to do so.
However, the green conditions this week is absolutely amazing, and the pin location today was really difficult.  So if they keep it up tomorrow like that, I don't know.  Not likely, I don't think, if they do keep it up like this.
But if they do change it up, and have it a little easier than today, I believe a low score can come out tomorrow.

Q.  Yani is going to be playing in front of you guys and if she makes birdies in the first couple of holes, it can put pressure on you guys.  So how do you‑‑ should that situation happen, how do you think you're going to have to react to it?
JENNY SHIN:  I don't think I need to react to it at all.  You know, that's something that can happen every day.  So, I don't think that should affect me.  Once it affects me, that's when I'm starting to lose my calm and that's when I'm going to, you know, do funny stuff.   So I'm not going to let that affect me.

Q.  The first year that you played in the last group‑‑ do you think it will be helpful for tomorrow?
JENNY SHIN:  Help?  I don't know if it's going to help.  But I am excited.  One thing I know for sure is we are not going to have a bigger crowd than some of the groups behind me.  So it's not really a problem.
Katie is really laid back and she's very down‑to‑earth.  I think we had fun out there today.  So if we do the same tomorrow, doesn't matter which group we are.

Q.  What kind of emotions went through you when you found out that Yani made a surge up the board today?  How did you feel when Yani shot a low round today?
JENNY SHIN:  I didn't know.  I haven't checked the scoring yet.  I was just about to eat my ice cream.  So, no, I haven't looked at the scores, but I did see her name on the scoreboard.  Didn't really surprise me.  She does that a lot.
I just think winning is‑‑ I think it will be chosen by God.  So I'm going to leave it up to Him.
MIKE SCANLAN:  Thank you so much for coming in.

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