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February 25, 2012

Angela Stanford


MIKE SCANLAN:テつ We welcome third round co‑leader Angela Stanford into the interview room here at the HSBC Women's Champions.テつ A 71 today, just like everyone else in your group.テつ Just talk about the day and how you feel it went for you.
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ I thought it was a good day.テつ I think any time, even if it's just 1‑under par, if you shoot under par on Saturday in the final group, it's a good day.
I think I expected a little more.テつ I felt a little bit better today and felt like I was hitting it a little bit better today.テつ You know, sometimes just didn't go that way, but happy to be in the final group again.
MIKE SCANLAN:テつ Looks like right now it's a three‑way race with three leaders.テつ Can you just talk about your group today and what you saw from both players.
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ Everybody seemed pretty comfortable.テつ I was surprised by the pin placements.テつ I thought they would be a little more accessible today, and I think all three of us played pretty smart.テつ You know, didn't do anything really crazy out there, and just seemed pretty comfortable.
So I think it's going to be pretty interesting tomorrow.
MIKE SCANLAN:テつ Talk about the patience level you were mentioning on Thursday, in order to grind out a 71 today.
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ Patience just checked out (laughing).
No, I'm kidding.テつ It gets tough, because know you have to make pars.テつ I think all of us are probably just, you know‑‑ every competitor out here wants to make a birdie and get on‑‑ I just never really felt like I got into a rhythm.テつ The back nine is tough for me.テつ There are some shots out there, it seems like on every hole, that could jump up and bite me.テつ So I have to be extra patient on the back and it just makes it a lot tougher.

Q.テつ I just asked the same question of Katie:テつ Is it comfortable to not have to get used to different company for the next day?
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ Yeah, I think so.テつ But, I think you have to be careful and not fall into that trap, because it's not a three‑person tournament.
So as comfortable as it felt, you know, you can't get wrapped up into just the people sure playing with.テつ There are some really good names, pretty close now behind.テつ It's very comfortable but at the same time, it's not just the three of us.

Q.テつ Did you know that early on that Yani Tseng was moving up the leaderboard?
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ I expected it.テつ I didn't know it until 14, I saw her name on the leaderboard.

Q.テつ After last week‑‑ how do you feel‑‑ (Inaudible.)
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ I think they are a little slower.テつ They are very healthy and I think sometimes it's just a product of the environment.
I mean, it's not bad grass.テつ It's good grass.テつ There's just a lot of it.テつ So I think‑‑ well, I think they are good.テつ So the speed really, they are going to be a little bit slower, but that's okay.
As long as they are healthy and as long as they are good greens, it doesn't really matter.

Q.テつ What emotions did you feel when you saw Yani move up the leaderboard?
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ No, Jiyai Shin's name was up there early.テつ I said yesterday, I expect those players to make a run.テつ So I would have been more surprised if I had not seen her name.
MIKE SCANLAN:テつ Angela, thanks so much.

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