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February 24, 2012

Caroline Wozniacki


J. GOERGES/C. Wozniacki
7‑6, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Your reaction?テつ Obviously one of disappointment being the defending champion here, I would imagine.
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:テつ Yeah, of course.テつ I mean, you always want to win, definitely.テつ I didn't play my best game today.テつ Made way too many unforced errors, and Julia took advantage of that.
She didn't really allow me to get a rhythm.テつ Every time I felt like, Okay, I'm back in the game and starting to play a few games well, then again I made some unforced errors at very important times, which of course is a bit disappointing.
But, yeah, can't do anything about it now.

Q.テつ Your reflections on the tournament overall?テつ How do you feel you played here?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:テつ Overall, I think I played some good matches yesterday and the first match.テつ I can take some positive from it.
But today, you know, just, yeah, need to get back and work on some things, because the way I played today I wasn't really happy with.

Q.テつ I believe Julia's beaten you three times in a row now, although you had beaten her twice before.テつ What is it about Julia's game that you have difficulty with perhaps at the moment?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:テつ I don't know.テつ I think the last few times I played her‑‑ you know, it's always been very close matches against her.テつ Last few times was on clay and this time was on hard court.
I felt I had all the opportunities in the world today and didn't take advantage of them.テつ If you don't take your chances, there is no way to win.

Q.テつ You're obviously playing quite a bit below your best at the moment.テつ Do you have any thoughts as to why that might be?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:テつ Well, I thought I played some good tennis yesterday and the day before.テつ Today was just a day where you try, you try, you try, and it just doesn't work.
You know, you have some of these days sometimes.

Q.テつ Is it a worry for you, your form at the moment?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:テつ No, it's not.テつ Because, I mean, I played some good tennis, so...
Of course today I would like to have played better, but sometimes it happens.

Q.テつ Obviously the last time you played was on clay so it's different.テつ Can you kind of compare how she's playing to a year ago?テつ Is she playing better?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:テつ To be honest, I don't remember.テつ It's not like I keep track of all the players.テつ I don't know.

Q.テつ What will you do between now and Indian Wells?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:テつ I'm going to go home to Monaco for a few days, practice there, and then going to go to New York.テつ I have the exhibition there on the Monday, so going to go there a few days early.
Then I'm going to go to Indian Wells.

Q.テつ Do you look forward to that part of the season, Indian Wells‑Miami?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:テつ I do.テつ I think those are great tournaments, tournaments where you always feel welcome and they really make sure that the players feel really well there.

Q.テつ You won Indian Wells, didn't you, last year?テつ You don't feel any extra pressure there?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:テつ No, not really.テつ I mean, you go there and you feel great because you've won the tournament before.テつ You know, Miami afterwards, I lost in the fourth round.テつ So everyone has things to defend or not to defend, you know.テつ It's just about playing.
You'll have, you know, more points at some tournaments, a little bit less at some, so, I mean, it evens out in the end.

Q.テつ Is there anything you could have done differently tonight?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:テつ Um, make less mistakes with my backhand, first of all.テつ (Smiling.)
But I felt like I could have served better as well.テつ I think, yeah, I didn't get as many first serves in as I would have liked or placed it as well as I would have liked.
It's easy to say now.テつ It's easy to say I should have done this and could have done that.テつ But, you know, as well for Julia she took her chances.テつ If I came with a weak shot she was there straightaway and she punished me.
You know, she didn't really give you the time or the rhythm to get into the game, which is yeah...

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