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February 24, 2012

Maurice Cheeks


Q.  If you could just make a brief comment about the game this evening.
MAURICE CHEEKS:¬† Oh, man.¬† It's the All‑Star Game, man.¬† All‑Star Games are just like this one, pushing the basketball, not a whole lot of defense, although the coaches preach defense (laughing).¬† There's just not a whole lot of defense being played in All‑Star games, but a lot of good performances out there.¬† Obviously Kyrie Irving, Evan Turner, just a lot of good performances.¬† Guys played well.¬† It was a very entertaining game.

Q.  Did you and Chuck have any sort of back and forth before going into the game?
MAURICE CHEEKS:  No, he said something at halftime about the game because we were leading the whole game, so he made a couple comments about it during halftime.  But it was nothing major.  He was having a friendly conversation.

Q.¬† I know this is all fun, but as a guy who was known as a defensive player like yourself, how do you feel watching a game like that, where a reach‑in here and theremight be too much?
MAURICE CHEEKS:¬† Well, these are All‑Star Games.¬† They've all been like that.¬† I played in four of them, and it probably was never a factor in any of them because I couldn't do the things some of these guys could do out on the court.¬† These are what All‑Star Games are.¬† There's not a whole lot of defense and the better offensive players usually make a difference in the game, and that certainly was the case tonight.

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