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February 24, 2012

Paul George


Q. テつIs it humbling to hear people talk about you as someone who could be here in the big game, that you could be one of the guys out there on the big stage?
PAUL GEORGE:テつ Yeah, I mean, that's significant.テつ But at the same time I've got to keep working to make it to the Sunday game.テつ I look forward to doing that.

Q.テつ What has to happen for you guys?テつ You got off to a great start, then struggled a little bit.テつ What do you have to do to get some momentum back for the second half of the season?
PAUL GEORGE:テつ Really just play with consistency.テつ We played a lot of away games to start the year off, so the schedule is kind of in our favor now with more home games.テつ I think we're a pretty good team.

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