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September 14, 2000

Jonathan Kaye


NELSON LUIS: We'd like to welcome Jonathan Kaye here with a 3 -under 69. Why don't we briefly go over your round. It looks like you had five birdies and a couple of bogeys.


NELSON LUIS: Why don't we walk through that real quick.

JONATHAN KAYE: I birdied 12 and 13. I made about a couple 15-footers. I birdied 15. That was a tap-in. Bogeyed 16. Made about a 15-footer for bogey. Birdied 1. Made about a 40-footer there. And 7, I birdied, a little 8-footer. And a bogey on 9.

Q. Did you reach the 16th in two, and what did you hit in -- the par 515th?

JONATHAN KAYE: No, I didn't. I hit a lob-wedge in to about a foot.

Q. Could you explain what happened on No. 9?

JONATHAN KAYE: I missed the green right. Hit a chip about 15 feet and didn't make it.

Q. What are the conditions like out there? Is the course soft? Do you think we're going to see a lot of low scores today?

JONATHAN KAYE: It's firming up now. At 7:20, it was pretty soft, but the last few holes started to get firm. I'm sure there will be some lower scores than mine.

Q. Do you think it will be a big advantage for you guys that got off early today?

JONATHAN KAYE: No, because we have to play later tomorrow. It's pretty even.

Q. A lot of the guys this week have been talking about how tough the greens are here, how steep and hard they are. What did you think?

JONATHAN KAYE: They are pretty severe, especially No. 9. They ought to just blow that up and start over, I think. I mean, at least you could put the pin in three or four different spots. Right now, there's only two places they can put it. So it's kind of a bad green, but, you know, as far as keeping it below the hole here, this morning, it wasn't that difficult because everything was spinning back so we were always putting uphill.

Q. Can you explain what's really bad about it? What you didn't really like about it?

JONATHAN KAYE: About the 9th green? Well, you know, it's okay to have slope, but I think you've got to have a tier or some level spot. It just keeps sloping the whole way. You know, that type right portion is really small. I mean, it's a tough hole. We'll probably see more bogeys there than anywhere else, I would think. And maybe that other hole, there will be a lot of 3-putts there, too . I'm thinking of the par-4, right before the par-3, No. 6. There will be a lot of 3-putts on 6.

Q. How did you find the course from tee-to-green?

JONATHAN KAYE: Oh, I like the course. I think it is a great course. I mean, I don't dislike anything about it, except that one green. You know, everything is framed real nicely and you know where you're going. It's right in front of you. There's no tricks other than until you get to the green.

Q. How have you been playing coming into the tournament?

JONATHAN KAYE: I had last week off. Prior to that, mediocre, at best.

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