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October 5, 2001

Jonathan Kaye


TODD BUDNICK: 4-under, 67 today, put you at 9-under for the tournament and one of the clubhouse leaders right now. Looks like no bogeys today. Give us a comment on your day.

JONATHAN KAYE: Pretty solid day. I had a few that I left out there, but I made a couple of good pars when I had to, and just kind of I didn't really make too many putts today, but it was a solid day.

Q. How much more difficult did the course play today than yesterday?

JONATHAN KAYE: Well, the wind was up a little more. It's hard to say, afternoon the greens got a little more chewed up than they were yesterday morning. I was the third group off. I would say that's probably the biggest difference. They are starting to firm up a little bit more and they are drying out. I am sure if the wind keeps you up it will play a little tougher on the weekend.

Q. It is a good thing to -- obviously bogey-free, but to leave some out there to feel like, man, if you just click on something tomorrow you can go real low?

JONATHAN KAYE: Yeah, I played well the last couple of days, and I have made a couple of putts. I haven't made anything real long, you know, 8, 10-footers is all. But I have hit a lot of greens, a lot of good iron shots, and I have burned the edge a lot. Not all good putts go in.

Q. Being on a share of the lead kind of change anything for you tonight, think about it more?

JONATHAN KAYE: No, I got one of my friends coming in town. We're going to go do whatever we're going to do. I haven't talked to them yet. Probably a nice dinner, and maybe a movie.

Q. Where are they coming in from?

JONATHAN KAYE: Baltimore, and mainly Baltimore, a few live here in Virginia.

Q. When you started today did you have anything in mind knowing it was going to be afternoon, knowing you had the chance -- the greens were going to be a little bit more chewed up when you played yesterday, did you have a number in mind when you started?

JONATHAN KAYE: No, I try not to do that. I just try to take what I can get out there. I started off, it was kind of weird, the very first hole was the 10th hole, hit it down middle of the fairway. My caddie told me: You got 166, I am looking at it going: Are you sure about it. He said yeah, I am positive. 166 hole, 156 to cover. I hit my 8-iron just smoothed it perfect right at the stick and it flew the green. I looked at him. Are you sure about that number. He said, oh, no, I was 12 yards off. Sure enough, I hit 12 yards over the pin. It -- I hit a good shot. So couldn't really be upset. I was upset with him, but I couldn't at that point, you already started. It doesn't really matter, you have got to take care of business. I got that up-and-down, made like a 5-footer for par on the first hole. That was probably the pivotal hole of the round for me for me.

Q. When he told you that did you want to go back and count your clubs?

JONATHAN KAYE: I knew that there was 14 in there because I counted them.

Q. Was he looking at the configuration?

JONATHAN KAYE: He got a number -- you know, on the yardage book, who knows, he just kind of mixed up a couple of sprinkler heads and they weren't marked, but you know, everybody makes mistakes, and we got through it.

Q. Is that the kind of thing that could give -- you could kind of get you off your game?

JONATHAN KAYE: I suppose it could if you let it. I try not -- I mean, one hole down, so if you make a bogey, I mean, I made three bogeys yesterday and shot a better score than I did today, so, you know, if you are making birdies you don't mind making some bogeys here and there because you know you are going to have them. You just try to stay away from the doubles.

Q. In this position now going into the weekend you say that today you weren't thinking -- do you have something in mind what needs to be done with the weather supposedly turning, possibly rainy tomorrow, do you think --

JONATHAN KAYE: I am a mudder. I look forward to any conditions presented to me.

Q. That would be good for you?

JONATHAN KAYE: Doesn't matter to me. I am going to play regardless what the weather is like.

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