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February 23, 2012

Kevin Stadler


KEVIN STADLER:  Currently the leader with Teater.  I think we're the only ones done so far.
But you know, I played okay.  I've kind of been a little off on the ball striking here the last couple weeks, and didn't really know what to expect today, and didn't hit it great, but I hit it good enough.  I drove it okay, never drove it in any trouble, which you gotta just drive it in the grass out here and you're going to be ahead of the field.
Hit a lot of greens, had a lot of kind of 30, 40‑footers, not really good looks at birdie, but a lot of real easy pars.  I think I made four birdies and a bogey.  A couple of the birdies, one of them was ‑‑ No. 2 I made about a 40‑foot putt.  Wasn't a very good iron shot and just rolled in a nice putt.
No. 7.  I'm confused with the routing.  The par 5, I knocked it on in two and had about 20 feet and putted.  Then I birdied nine, I hit a wedge in there about ten feet and made it.  Made a nice birdie on 12, hit a 5‑iron into 12 and made it from about 15, 20 feet there.  Didn't hit it too close too often, but never really got in any trouble.
I'm not sure how many greens I missed, but the only one ‑‑ I missed one or two and made that bogey on 9.
LEE PATTERSON:  You seem to like this place, though.  You've played well here in the past.
LEE PATTERSON:  Last year you put yourselves in contention.  Just talk about that a little bit.  Is it the golf course?  What is it about it?
KEVIN STADLER:  It's everything.  It's really relaxing down here, and golf course wise, I think it's one of the best we play all year.  I look forward to coming here every year.
I tend to play well here.  I think I'm just in a good place mentally down here.  I come and have fun and just enjoy my time here.  I've played well here pretty much every year, I think.  I shot a million on Sunday here last year.  I just kind of had a random off day where I just couldn't do anything right, but I don't really know exactly what my finishes have been, but I know I've had a couple of decent ones here and I think I've made the cut every year.
I've played pretty well.  The course just suits me.  I typically drive it pretty good, and you can get away with small misses here, which tends to be kind of how I do it.  The wide ones will cost you, but keep it in play and hit the greens and you seemingly don't have to shoot too, too many under par here, and kind of days like today where you make as few mistakes as possible and sprinkle in a few birdies, you'll do pretty well here.
LEE PATTERSON:  You mentioned last year on Sunday.  Was that just an aberration, just one of those things that just went sideways?
KEVIN STADLER:  I just kind of lost it with the driver.  I really don't to be honest with you, remember a whole lot about that round.  I remember I shot 82 or 3 or whatever it was, but I was really happy with my game at that time, and just I don't know where that came from.  But you know, I got over that quickly and played well a couple weeks after.
LEE PATTERSON:  And 2012 season, so far you've come in, made three cuts so far this year.  Coming into this week, how would you describe it?
KEVIN STADLER:  So‑so.  I've had a couple decent finishes the last two weeks, top 20 or 25, something like that, but kind of a lot of rounds like today where I haven't been hitting it very well, but I've been minimizing my mistakes and just kind of shooting probably as good of a score as I could, which typically is not the way I play.  I usually hit the ball pretty well and kind of leave a few out there.
But you know, hopefully this is going to be kind of a new thing.  If I can keep having decent finishes not playing very well.
THE MODERATOR:  Yeah.  That's a good problem.

Q.  (Question in Spanish)?
KEVIN STADLER:  Yeah.  This morning it was pretty calm for the first two or three holes.  It's not as windy here as it's been in the past.  Seemed pretty calm for the most part.  It was maybe a one or one and a half club wind where it can really blow around here from years past.
Getting out there early was very nice.  It was a little cooler in the morning, and the first ‑‑ with the new rerouting of the golf course, those first two or three holes will play pretty tough when the wind is blowing, and it was nice to get through there this morning when it was relatively calm.  And like I said, the golf course is in very good shape.  The fairways are perfect.  The greens are nice.  They're a little slow, but they can't get them too quick with the way the winds typically blow around here.
So it's very good.  It's always good down here.  I don't think I've ever seen this place in any kind of shape that I wouldn't say is tremendous.

Q.  Was that USC Spanish class?
KEVIN STADLER:  That's California Spanish class.

Q.  (Question in Spanish)?
KEVIN STADLER:  Who knows if it's going to blow tomorrow.  Hopefully it's going to be kind of the same as it is today, but obviously I think you'll see the better scores are going to be in the morning most of the week because I assume it'll blow more in the afternoon.
Like I said, I didn't look at the forecast.  If it's a normal day, I would be very happy with 3‑under again tomorrow.  But hopefully just kind of keep hitting it in the fairway and see what happens.

Q.  (Question in Spanish)?
KEVIN STADLER:  I don't know.  I've always spoken it.  My parents speak it a little bit.

Q.  Do you have Mexican family or something else?
KEVIN STADLER:  No.  Just from growing up in San Diego.  My mom and dad all spoke Spanish, so just learned it when I was young.  I wish I could speak it better, but I can understand it pretty well.

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