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February 23, 2012

Nick Price


NELSON SILVERIO:¬† 2‑under par today.¬† Just some thoughts on your opening round here at Mayakoba.
NICK PRICE:  Good solid day.  You know, I've been hitting the ball pretty well the last two or three weeks.  Just every now and then I've been throwing in a bad round and I've been trying not to get depressed because I'm having more good golf than bad golf, which is a good thing.
But my first hole was the tenth today.¬† I hit my ball ‑‑ pushed a little right, went in the water, made 4.¬† So that was a nice start, but then I came back with a couple of good birdies.¬† And I hit a lot of greens today.¬† That was good.¬† I don't feel that this course you need to overpower this course.¬† This course has got a lot of strategy on it, particularly off the tees, putting the ball in the right place.
And all in all I played well today.  I probably could have shot a little better, but I think everyone could have, but anything under 70 today I was happy with.
NELSON SILVERIO:  You're obviously very familiar with the area of design golf courses in the area.  What is it about this area and the conditions and how does that affect the design of a golf course and then playing a golf course?
NICK PRICE:  Yeah.  You know, the wind can blow pretty hard here, especially this time of year, so you have to take that into account.  I think the way the wind blows the hardest here is from north, you know, east and southeast.  Those are really the strong wind directions.
But basically south and east is where the wind blows from pretty hard here.  So that's what you take into account, and I think Greg did a really good job here taking that into account on some of the longer holes down wind, which is good.
But the golf course is in great shape.  I mean it really is.  I was here in '08, so four years ago, five years ago.  And you know, the course has really matured nicely.  And so good maintenance crew, good superintendent, knows what he's doing.
But I think we're going to see ‑‑ there's going to be some really nice courses, developments in this area I think before another ten years or so when things get better economy wise.

Q.  (Question in Spanish)?
NELSON SILVERIO:  Yeah, and the fact that you have designed courses in the area and you're obviously very familiar with the terrain, is that an advantage at all.
NICK PRICE:¬† No.¬† I compete, so I still gotta go out there and play, you know, but Paspalum ‑‑ there's a different way of playing Paspalum. ¬†It's a different kind of grass to play, and I actually quite enjoy it.¬† I enjoy it.¬† Some people don't like playing on it, but I enjoy it because the ball always sits up really well and you can hit some really crisp iron shots.
But this golf course is like many others.  It's all about strategy, so I don't think being a designer really helps me that much.

Q.  (Question in Spanish)?
NELSON SILVERIO:  Yeah, we're in the first round, obviously, and there's still a lot to go, but how does it feel to be competing on the PGA TOUR, first of all, but also with your some contemporaries.  There's a lot of major champions in the field, like Greg and Tom Lehman, your contemporaries.  How does that feel?
NICK PRICE:  You know, it's always nice when you've got some friends of yours from the Champions Tour playing, some of the older guys.  We all know we can still play a little bit.  We're not ready to hang up our clubs just yet, but it's nice to come out and see a lot of the guys who I haven't seen for a long time, some of the guys on the regular tour, some of them who are getting ready to get out on the Champions Tour.
But this is just a really nice tournament.¬† It's a very, very nice place to be, and it's nice to come here.¬† And I said to my wife, if I play well, I play well.¬† If I don't play so well, we're still going to have a good time, so it's a win‑win for me.

Q.  (Question in Spanish)?
NELSON SILVERIO:  The competition on the Champions Tour is obviously really high as it is on the PGA TOUR, but obviously there's two different leagues here.  Is it more satisfying to play well on the PGA TOUR now than it is on the Champions Tour.
NICK PRICE:  You know, I think a lot of us saw what John Cook did last year here and had an outside chance to win, and that sort of gave us a little bit of encouragement, or a lot of encouragement to come down here.
But I just like this golf course.  I think most of us, say the top 15 guys on the Champions Tour, if we got on golf courses that we don't have to overpower, that aren't too long, I think we can still play a little bit.  Maybe the way Kenny Perry played last week he might have a chance to win here or at Hilton Head or some of the other courses, because he played phenomenally well.  But I think more than anything else we sort of look here and say just make the cut, play solid and see if you can get in the Top 10, you know, and if you play really well and you putt really well, maybe there's a chance to win.  But most of us are just happy to make a cut, play four days and try and finish in the Top 10.  These young guys, they're pretty good.
NELSON SILVERIO:  Thank you, Nick.

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