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September 14, 1996

Ian Baker-Finch

Craig Parry


WES SEELEY: We have Craig Parry and wanted to speak to a member of the International Team who was not in action this afternoon to get a player's view of the shifting tide, if that's what it is.

CRAIG PARRY: It was a little bit like last time we played, we got beaten the first morning and the first day, in fact, and we actually fought back in the tournament, two years ago if you remember. And I think that's. That's what's sort of happening at the moment. The guys are getting a feeling for fourball and foursomes. They played good this morning. The American players played great, as well. They really came out the first morning and scored very low. That was what was so hard the first morning.

Q. Craig, Captain Thomson was talking about the problems with the slope of the greens, and he even used the word "torment". Can you talk about any incidents that come to mind with the greens out there?

CRAIG PARRY: Well, the greens have got a lot of slope on them. And sometimes you can hit a good shot and not get any reward for it. And other times you can hit a poor shot and the thing can come back and fade into the hole. That's what happened on one of the holes out there today on No. 13. I actually hit a 2-iron into the front of the green and it stopped dead and I didn't have a chip shot going up the green. And Scott Hoch actually hit it, it was like 20 yards right of the flag and it hits on the slope and runs all the way back down about 15 feet. You know, the two different shots, mine was a lot better shot than what Scott's was, but his ball fed into the hole. You just have to accept that's what happens out at this golf course. Sometimes you can hit a poor shot and get a good result and sometimes you can hit a good shot and get no result.

Q. Craig, do you think that overall the U.S. Team has putted better than the International Team so far?

CRAIG PARRY: No question. We haven't holed too many putts at all out on the golf course. And that was evident yesterday morning, when the guys found the greens tough the whole -- 15-footers, the ball would just move around a little bit. And it was quite difficult.

Q. Why do you think you're having more problems than them, because they don't know the course any better than you are?

CRAIG PARRY: I think we know the golf course better than they do. Our team isn't going to change too much from year to year, because of the format we've got in the Sony ranking system. And I think we've got about four new players in our team, whereas the American team have not a lot more new players. And there's really no reason, because I think we know the golf course well, as well. We just didn't putt well.

Q. What was the feeling last night, Craig? Were you despondent or determined to do better or what was the feeling?

CRAIG PARRY: I think we got a pretty good wake up call yesterday. We wanted to go out there and play really well. The Americans played better than what we did. We have good teams and the players got on really well. The feeling between the players is great. Everyone wants everyone to go out and play well. And it really -- it's a lot of fun to play.

Q. Frost and Senior are four up.

WES SEELEY: Four up for 5.

Q. Describe the eagle on 14.

CRAIG PARRY: The eagle on 14? It was pretty amazing, because I had only 230 yards to go to the green, so I went at the green and we thought the wind was coming a little bit off the left and I hit it left of the green, had a fairly easy chip for an eagle or make birdie. And Franky holes a shot from about 120 yards or 115 yards, I don't know what the yardage was, and that was about it. And I couldn't believe it. All of a sudden we're back in with the chains. And Kenny Perry and Scott Hoch they really played well on the back nine today. They made quite a lot of birdies.

Q. What club was it?

CRAIG PARRY: I'm pretty sure it was a pitching wedge.

Q. Ian, I was wondering from what you've seen who in particular has been playing well for the International Team so far?

IAN BAKER-FINCH: I think all of the guys have been playing well and up to standard. But I'd say the guys playing exceptionally well, as far as I can see, what I wasn't expecting to be one of the stronger members is Mark McNulty. Mark we really loved having him on the team because he's a little bit older, he's been around a long time, he's played competitive golf for over 20 years. And we can put him with a younger guy like Ernie. You can put anyone with Ernie and have a strong team, because Ernie is so strong, as you know. But Mark has really been a good link to the team. He's got a level head and has played exceptionally well. Although they lost this morning, but they came up against a pretty good fight there. All the guys have played very, very well. I've been really happy. I think the win with Greg and Robert this morning was just what the team needed to spark up their confidence again. Greg hit a great shot into the last hole to about two and a half feet. Steve Stricker hit it straight in there about six feet behind the hole straight after him, that little two and a half footer down the hill became the essential one to win the match and turned it around. So full marks to Robert and Greg.

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