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February 14, 2003

Jonathan Kaye


TODD BUDNICK: We have Jonathan Kaye, who is at 9-under, 135, after a 5-under 67 today.

Jonathan, looks like you had a little bit of a slow start to the season, but having improving each week. T8 at Bob Hope, six consecutive rounds at par or better. Things are starting to kick into gear.

JONATHAN KAYE: Yeah, you know, the season's early. Things are going pretty well for me.

TODD BUDNICK: Talk about the conditions today. Obviously, you played a lot of golf today. Course was still wet.

JONATHAN KAYE: I thought that the south course was more moist than the north course. There was tons of puddles. You know, they had some tees up to give us a break, but there were still plenty of challenging holes out there.

TODD BUDNICK: We'll take some questions.

Q. (Inaudible)?

JONATHAN KAYE: It feels great. It's what we strive to do, give ourselves a chance to compete for the title.

Q. What's it going to take?

JONATHAN KAYE: Probably better numbers than there are right now, I would think. I don't know. I wouldn't even want to guess. I'll just go as low as I can go.

Q. What are the putting conditions like right now?

JONATHAN KAYE: The greens are actually really nice out there on the south course. They cut the greens today for us. They were a little speedier than yesterday. But they're definitely soft and receptive to shots.

Q. Would you expect similar tomorrow?

JONATHAN KAYE: Withstanding any rain, I'm going to assume they'll slowly firm up as the days pass. Probably by Sunday they'll be just like we were at the beginning of the week, knowing the way the TOUR does things.

Q. (Inaudible)?

JONATHAN KAYE: Yeah, it was a lot faster. The afternoon was. Yesterday I was first off. Got a 45-minute delay before we started. I played four holes, then sat for three hours and 20 minutes or something. It was kind of tough to get a rhythm yesterday.

Obviously, we didn't finish. Had to come out again and finish it this morning.

TODD BUDNICK: How much time did you get between rounds?

JONATHAN KAYE: I had almost three hours. I only had one hole to play. Went home, you know, woke up my wife, then went out to breakfast.

TODD BUDNICK: Let's go over your score card, starting with the bogey on No. 2.

JONATHAN KAYE: I don't remember it really well. I just caught a bad lie. Hit it in the left bunker off the tee. Hit a pretty good shot, landed on just the back edge, bounced over. Just a bad lie. I kind of muffed the chip shot. Missed about an 8-footer.

Par 3, birdie. That was a nice birdie. I hit a 5-iron in about 12 feet behind the hole, made that.

Parred the next hole. Made about an 8-footer on, what is that, 5?

6, par 5, knocked it on in two and 2-putted.

7, par 8, I made about a 12-footer up the hill for birdie.

9, par 5, made a 6-footer for birdie, pin-high.

I think that's it, isn't it?

Oh, 14. Dropped a bomb, 35-footer.

16, hit it in the right bunker. Hit a good bunker shot - mediocre bunker shot. Lipped out a 12-footer.

18, hit a sand wedge in there. Had a nice number where I didn't have any spin on it. Made about an 8-footer for birdie on the last hole.

TODD BUDNICK: Birdies on three of the four par-5s, how important is it on these two courses? Seems like 9 and 18 are birdie-able.

JONATHAN KAYE: I would think those are more birdie-able than those two. Those are the three-shot holes, especially in these conditions. This is my first time playing since they made the changes. I don't see 18 being reached by any people in the field in these conditions anyway.

Q. Did you play a practice round?

JONATHAN KAYE: I walked around the south on Tuesday in a rainstorm. It was very pleasant.

TODD BUDNICK: Thank you, Jonathan.


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