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February 22, 2012

Hunter Mahan


MARK STEVENS:  We'd like to welcome Hunter Mahan.  Hunter, great match out there to start things off, do you want to give us your initial reaction and then we'll have some questions.
HUNTER MAHAN:  Yeah, it wasnot the most technically played match ever.  Kind of struggled to hit some shots.  The course is playing difficult.  It's hard to get close to the greens.  We both grinded it out pretty well.  Made a lot of good chips and made some putts.  In the end it just came down to one missed shot for Zach.  Just the wrong place, really.  It wasn't a terrible shot, it was just the wrong place and in desert golf, one bad hit‑‑ it was an unfortunate ending to a pretty good match.

Q.  It was more than a pretty good match.  It looked like the struggle of the Titans.  It was back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.
HUNTER MAHAN:  Yeah, it was very back and forth.  He made a great eagle on 2.  And I didn't hit a good drive off 3.  He three‑putted the next hole.  And it was just kind of‑‑ yeah, it didn't seem like a whole lot of ties.  Guys weren't winning or losing holes.  But like I said, the course is playing tough.  It's not easy to make a whole lot of birdies out there.  It's difficult getting the right club selection, with the elevation.  And when it warms up out there the ball starts jumping.  You've got to pay attention.  It's a thinking man's course.

Q.  So how much was yardage affected the first thing in the morning?  It was a very early match.
HUNTER MAHAN:  Yeah, it still would be a little bit of wind.  I flew a 9‑iron 160 yards on the first shot, and we did not expect that at all.  So it was right off the bat, it was in play.  It changes throughout the day, because when it gets warm the ball really starts jumping.  You've got to pay attention.  And you've got to adjust.  And the first hole was playing very different this morning until this afternoon.

Q.  Was that the basis of the difficulty of the course, just that or‑‑
HUNTER MAHAN:  The greens are a ton of slope.  They're firm.  You can hit good shots and be 30 feet and putt over a mound.  But when you do hit a good shot, it's probably going to be pretty close.
The more we play, the more we have a better feel for the golf course.  And hopefully have a better understanding of where to hit it and where not to hit it.

Q.  I saw you working with Sean Foley on the range yesterday afternoon.  Did you come away from that session with anything that helped you today?
HUNTER MAHAN:  No, I had a terrible day.  I hit it great, it just didn't click today.  I know what it is, I just didn't do it.  We really didn't work on a lot of stuff.  It was stuff we had been working on, so it was nothing new.  I wasn't executing like I needed to.  But everything is not that far away.  It's in good order.

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