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February 20, 2012

Julia Goerges


J. GOERGES/S. Kuznetsova
2‑6, 7‑6, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Very satisfying debut here, isn't it?
JULIA GOERGES:テつ Yeah, pretty satisfying.テつ I can say it like that.
Well, it wasn't best beginning of me, but one of the best beginnings of her probably.テつ She just kind of overwhelmed me with her shots.
Yeah, then I just tried to get back into the match somehow, playing more balls in the court, and fighting for every ball.テつ I got my chance and I took it.

Q.テつ She was playing well up to the end.テつ How did you beat her?
JULIA GOERGES:テつ Yeah, if you put one more ball into the court than the other you win.
No, it's tough to say.テつ I mean, she's a great player.テつ We don't have to talk about that.テつ You can see that those players are also struggling in one moment.テつ If you take it out of them in this situation, then they make also mistakes.
I mean, I think it was good quality for those conditions we had at night.テつ But, yeah, I'm pretty happen that I was able to keep it or to serve it out in the end, even though it was two weird points in the beginning.

Q.テつ How cold was it out there?
JULIA GOERGES:テつ It wasn't warm.テつ I would say it like this.テつ But when you are playing it's okay; when you sit down then you feel it for more.
But when you are playing, I mean, I am sweating always a lot, so it's not a problem.

Q.テつ When you saw the draw and you had to play her and then Azarenka...
JULIA GOERGES:テつ Well, if you go here ‑‑ I was on the first list, I was last in, so what should I expect?テつ I mean, nothing is easy here.テつ Doesn't matter if you play qualifier or if you play just an opponent which got directly in.
Those matches you want to have.テつ You just get better out of it.テつ Doesn't matter if you win or lose.テつ Yeah, you're just improving out of these matches and you learn a lot, so it's good when you are here.

Q.テつ I think this is your sixth or seventh tournament this year.テつ You played Fed Cup as well.テつ Are you a player who likes to keep busy, keep playing?
JULIA GOERGES:テつ Well, I like to have a lot of matches.テつ But now I'm also ready to go home.テつ I wasn't that much home this year so far, only two days.
But you take it always as new challenge.テつ To get more matches you get always better and better and you keep improving.
I like the matches what I had tonight and also last week.テつ It's always a good opportunity to work on those things.
Foe me it's better having matches instead of practicing because it's a challenge for me.

Q.テつ It seems suddenly we have four top 20 players from Germany.テつ Can you talk about that?テつ And you guys are pretty good friends with each other?
JULIA GOERGES:テつ Well, I've been reading it already many times today that four Germans are in the top 20 after I think 24 years now.テつ Well, it's a great achievement I think.テつ It's showing that we are doing the right things in Germany.
Some years ago they always said, We don't have any Steffi Grafs anymore.テつ Steffi is a legend.テつ We don't have to talk about this.テつ We will never achieve what she has achieved, but we are just trying to get closer to it.
We are.テつ I think we did a pretty good job in the last year, and also this year already.テつ So we get along pretty good, pretty well.テつ In the Fed Cup we're always having fun.テつ It's a nice week.
Also Andrea came supporting us, which was a big honor having her there.テつ She has a tough time right now, but it's nice do see that we all, yeah, do the same things and we all go on the right track and being together for a couple of weeks at least in a team this year.

Q.テつ Why do you think there was a period in not just the women but the men as well when that there weren't many top German players.テつ A lot men in the top 100 as well.
JULIA GOERGES:テつ Well, in German media they don't talk that well about men's tennis right now, which I don't understand.テつ We have a top 30 player in men's, and the other ‑‑ I think two already right now.テつ But they had pretty good quality also in the last year, so I don't really understand it.
But it's always kind of years.テつ I mean, Serbia, for example, before Ana, Novak, and Jelena, there was also a long time nothing.
So it's always kind of periods in every country I would say.テつ It's always a new era, and, yeah, this has come now in Germany.テつ It's pretty nice to have it like that.テつ We cannot complain about it.

Q.テつ How do you propose going about trying to beat Victoria Azarenka on current form?テつ She's looking pretty formidable right now.
JULIA GOERGES:テつ She hasn't lost this year so far.テつ It's another challenge for me.テつ I can only get better out of it.テつ Doesn't matter how it ends up.テつ You just go out there and fight every point.
It's great have to these opportunities to play first round Sveta and then playing Azarenka.テつ I mean, can't be better.テつ Doesn't matter if you go for quarters here or if you lose second round or if you go final.テつ You have those matches what brings you better and gets you better, so it's pretty good challenge for me.

Q.テつ Last week in Doha you played with Zheng.
JULIA GOERGES:テつ Uh‑huh.テつ We wanna have the revenge.

Q.テつ How did you decide to play together and how does it go so far?
JULIA GOERGES:テつ Well, she asked me in Australia actually.テつ I was supposed to play with Andrea the whole year, but, yeah, then I figured out she's injured so I needed to check some other girls.
She asked me in Auckland to play already Melbourne, but I didn't know that Andrea was not playing so she was playing in Polona and I had to look for another girl.
And then she asked me if I have someone for Doha/Dubai.テつ I said, No, I don't have anyone, so we just decide we play here.
It was fun and we played pretty well I have to say for the first time almost beating No. 1 team.テつ Yeah, we are having a lot fun.テつ We are just enjoying, and hopefully we can get a revenge tomorrow.

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