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February 20, 2012

Flavia Pennetta


F. PENNETTA/A. Medina Garrigues
6‑3, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Your reaction to the win, Flavia?テつ 6‑3, 6‑3.テつ How did you feel you played today?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Well, wasn't easy to play.テつ Of course when the weather is like this it's not easy to control the ball, so I was trying to be really aggressive to hit the ball.テつ Because when you try just to put the ball in the court it's flying to much.
So it's better if you just go for the shot and no wait.テつ You know, I know Anabel since long time.テつ It was easy in kind of a way to play against her because we know each other really well.
But in the other part, it was not easy because she's one of my best friend.テつ It's not easy to play against your friend on the court.テつ But tennis is like this.テつ You have to get in the court and try to play your best all the time.

Q.テつ Sure.テつ How much was the wind a factor?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Well, was really in some moment not windy at all, so was good to play.
Suddenly it's coming like so much.テつ Serving was not easy because the ball was moving so much and go up and down all the time.
But, you know, when it's like this, the condition, you have to think is the same for the opponent.テつ So you are in the same position.

Q.テつ I believe Anabel was slightly higher above you in the world rankings, and you're around 28.
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ She's 26 and I'm 28.テつ Something like that, yeah.

Q.テつ How important is it to play in a competition like this and do well in terms of moving up the rankings?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Well, it's not that important now.テつ You know, it's not too much the difference between the top 15 and the rest, you know.
Last week I was No. 21.テつ Because I lost in second round in Doha I went 28.テつ But every week you have the chance to improve and go back and up.テつ It's not easy also to defend all the year the points you make the year before.
But if you starting to thinking too much about winning, lose point, ranking, and these things, for me personally it's better to don't thinking about that because I starting to get really nervous.
So I just trying to improve my tennis.テつ I am thinking if I play good I can win so many matches; if I play bad, I don't win any.

Q.テつ You're playing with Francesca here in the doubles.テつ You got a wild card.

Q.テつ Must be nice to get that match out of the way in straight sets and not play three sets, because that's a big toll.
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Yeah, but we have days to play doubles and singles.テつ You know, of course it's nice to play with Francesca.テつ We just starting to play now a little bit for the Olympic Games.テつ It's not easy to play with her, because we are really friend each other, but all the time when we are in the court we fight because we are really strong personality.
We try to give us some advise to improve the way I play or the way she play, so it's really funny to play with her.
Of course it's good for me to just play two set and not three set.テつ Tomorrow actually if we play doubles she have to play singles first and then doubles.テつ Doesn't matter.

Q.テつ Targets or goals for the year?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Of course the Olympic Games are really important for me.テつ Every tournament it's really, really important.
I would like to come back in the top 20, improve a lot my ranking.テつ To finish the year in that position, 15, 13, something like that, will be perfect for me.
I don't like to put like a big goals, because sometimes when you put it too higher and you don't get it you get frustrating.テつ (Laughing.)
So I prefer to go one step higher and another one, and just play every matches.

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