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February 19, 2012

Liezel Huber

Lisa Raymond


6‑3, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Congratulations.  How did it feel this week?  Obviously good.  Things work well?
LISA RAYMOND:  Yeah, feels great.  It feels great.  It feels great, especially coming off a win last week in Paris and to be able to back it up, you know, and come here and fight through some tough matches, especially at the beginning of the week, you know, win a convincing final the way we did today.

Q.  And you feel like you're meshing?  Because I know the start of the year was a little iffy, but you feel like you're kind of meshing now?
LIEZEL HUBER:  Yeah, I don't think the start of the year was really iffy.  We made the final of Sydney.  You know, I had a tough loss against a tough team in Melbourne.  You know, it's been a busy year, a lot of commitments.  And then win Paris and win here.
So really, out of four tournaments, three finals, you know, some days we're gonna play better than other days, whether it's our age or whether it's time change or whether we just are having an off day, which is very possible.
I think that we're not depressed over that loss, but we surely do expect more of ourselves.  It was tough leaving Australia having a quarterfinal.
But we're still going to be grateful for losses, because that means we'll learn from them.  That's the way we look at it.  We probably wouldn't have maybe had these two weeks had we not lost there.

Q.  You really can't play the age card because, as you said, three finals, two wins and everything.  Is it a lot easier just on the doubles?  You're really defending half of the court.  You think that's why you're having this longevity?
LISA RAYMOND:  No, I think the reason we have the longevity is because we have stayed fit, and, you know, knock on wood, we've both been healthy and we've worked very hard to stay out here as long as we have.
I mean, you know, you look at any doubles draw and you'll see, you know, a handful, if not more, of, you know, the top singles players in the world that are playing.  You know, whether we're covering half a court or a full court, you know, you usually still have to go out there and prepare the same way and be fit and hungry.  You know, I think Liezel and I have done a very good job of that.
Yeah, I mean, if anything, it shows that through our career, you know, we've played against, you know, everybody out there, you know.  You know, we're continuing to win at this level.
You know, it's a tribute to just, you know, the hard work that we've put in.

Q.  Is it hard not to keep yourselves from thinking  ahead to the Olympics and stuff at this point?  I mean, I'm sure that's a goal.
LIEZEL HUBER:  I mean, really, I think we're just going day by day, match by match.  I mean, I get nervous for the next day or I think about the match that we just played.
It is so far away.  There is so much to be won or lost before that.  There is hopefully ranking changes that we both get to be No. 1.  That would be our first initial goal.  And then after that, hopefully it's the French Open, so kind of in that order.
And then we're not going to focus at the‑‑ you know, I'm not gonna focus anything about the Olympics until I get to the Olympics.¬† We're gonna prepare, we're gonna be healthy, we're gonna be strong.¬† We're gonna give ourselves the best chance, but we're not even gonna consider a medal until we're done with the tournament.
I mean, we don't really do well when we think ahead.  So we're just gonna try and stay in the moment.

Q.  Were you disappointed not to be on the Fed Cup team, or you kind of figured it was going to happen that way?
LISA RAYMOND:¬† I mean, I think if anybody would have been disappointed, it probably would have been Vania King, not myself.¬† As far as who the USTA and who Mary Joe picked, you know, I respect their decisions.¬† Obviously she had a reason why she chose the team that she chose, and, you know, they won 5‑0.
You know, again, I'm just out here and I'm just, you know, gonna try and win as much as I can, work as hard as I can, and hopefully the rankings and everything will take care of themselves.

Q.  Liezel, you were on the team I think both times that Christina has gone or a couple of times that Christina's gone.  How has she matured in the team atmosphere and everything?
LIEZEL HUBER:  Well, Christina came in the team as a rookie, like I did at some point, in the team as a rookie, and Christina now we know can hold her own.
Christina still has a lot to mature in her game, to compete day in and day out with the Azarenkas, the Radwanskas, and so on, but you know now Christina is not going to think it's impossible to win this match.
She's had great wins.  She's definitely gonna be on the team forever, because I think she's just a very disciplined, driven individual.
She's a good team player.  She's a nice girl.  You know, if she improves her doubles skills, she will guarantee having a spot on the team, as well.  I think the young girls don't play as much doubles.  That's where Vania King probably is a good Fed Cup player, because she has the singles and the doubles.
So Christina needs to improve on her doubles, and then I don't see a reason why she wouldn't be on the Fed Cup team and the Olympic team.

Q.  She seems shy.  Is she "in the team" or shy?
LIEZEL HUBER:  She's totally in the team.  She's quiet, she's shy, she listens a lot.  You know, she is a very nice girl.  She's perfect.  There's nothing wrong with her.  She's just a very nice girl.  I like her a lot.
LISA RAYMOND:  This is a Christina McHale love fest.
LIEZEL HUBER:  No, she's a nice girl.  You know, there's no need for anybody to critique her.

Q.  What's next for you guys?
LISA RAYMOND:  We leave tomorrow to go to Dubai and then home.

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